2013 Nissan Pathfinder Review – Video and Photos

I’m in love with this vehicle! My family and I were asked to test drive the brand new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder for one week to have our own Winter Adventures in this fabulous family car. You can read about our adventures in the Pathfinder in my post here and my review and inside ride and drive scoop is below.

Driving this Pathfinder was a total thrill. It’s one if not THE smoothest rides I’ve ever had in an SUV and I’m a well seasoned SUV driver having worked for Ford Motor Company in their Field Sales division in my life before Mommyhood and I’ve regularly driven and test driven a huge variety of SUV’s from various manufacturers.

Here’s Kyle and I greeting our new car when it first arrived. Isn’t it gorgeous?

And of course the kids were ultra thrilled with being part of the backseat test drive squad for the week!

Take a peek at our video review here where you can see some of the features of the new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SL in action:

Another huge plus for me was that the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder has 3 rows of seats but did not feel like a GIGANTIC long vehicle that I couldn’t back up or handle on the road. It drove like a car and only felt slightly bigger than my current smaller sized SUV which is a Lexus RX 350.

The quick scoop that I loved beyond it being a super smooth SUV ride:

3 rows of seats – AWESOME for families and carpools. Right now my SUV is limited to one row of seats and that means only 2 car seats so carpools don’t exist for me at this point with 2 of my own kids to fit in the car.


Automatic Liftgate for the Trunk 

Heated seats

Intelligent Key – this means you start the car by pressing a button instead of putting it in the ignition. So cool! 

Leather interior

Everything was so well appointed – fabulous glove compartments, car dividers, cup holders etc.

Great Sound System

Option to have a DVD player – (Note: Our vehicle ddid not have this feature, but my kids would have loved it as we’ve never owned a car with a DVD player before.)

And I loved how with 3 rows of seats up, I could still have room for all of my groceries. Genius!!!!!

Here’s Kyle exploring the car for the 1st time…… and excited to receive gifts from Nissan as they sent the entire family new hats, gloves, scarves, hot chocolate, winter themed DVD’s and books to enjoy. So fun!

Pricing starts at $28,000 for the base model, but our version is the SL which starts in the $34,000 range. Very affordable for a car of this quality. I’m impressed. We used to lease a Nissan Murano for 42 months starting when Kenzie, who is now 7 was a newborn until she was about 3 1/2. It was an excellent car but this Pathfinder meets the demands of my active and growing family.

Extra Storage area in the trunk. Hooray!

Well appointed interior – love the great sized cup holders and compartments for the front seat passengers.

And as you can tell, our 2013 Nissan Pathfinder saw some snow last week! Look at the salt on our new car!

So yes, it handled great in snow. We put it to the test of our icy slushy roads post Nemo.


Thanks to Nissan for the fabulous week in our 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. We loved it and are missing it already. Definitely an option when it’s time to turn in my current SUV as I’d love an affordable SUV with a 3rd row seat that doesn’t feel GIGANTIC to drive.

 We received this vehicle for a one week ride and drive Pathfinder adventure. Thanks to Nissan for a great week! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


12 thoughts on “2013 Nissan Pathfinder Review – Video and Photos”

  1. Wow, I’m green with envy right now! I love the Pathfinder and I’m really loving the price tag even more. We’ll be on the hunt for an SUV in the near future and this gives us something to think about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder!

  2. We are in the market for a new SUV…we have the Pilot but have outgrown it with our road tripping. This is a good looking car and well priced! …I’ll have to look to see if Nissan has something that will fit us!

  3. It looks like a great SUV I love the under storage trunk that is a real win.. my Durango does not have storage in the back and when I lug dogs in the back it would help to have that space. Great review.

  4. 3rd row seating is a life saver. I love that now we can have playdate outings with friends. The kids sit in the back and we get to chat in the front. Makes it so fun going to museums etc together with other families

  5. That is really awesome SUV and really very generic features it got, and one thing there are some same range vehicles you will find with some more safe features installed in it, so try to see what suits you better .

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