3 Activity Ideas for Backyard Staycation Fun

Summer summer summer! How do you have creative backyard fun? Since we tend to stay home for most of the steamy summer season as our kids love being on swim team and don’t want to miss any meets or practice, we’re always looking for neat ideas to amp up the backyard fun factor. Check out our 3 Activity Ideas for Backyard Staycation Fun if you kids are begging for a little excitement that is out of the ordinary daily routine in the yard.

3 Activity Ideas for Backyard Staycation Fun

Beyond hosting their own lemonade stand, lighting sparklers on the 4th of July and roasting marshmallows to make Smore’s, these are 3 of my kids FAVORITE activities that we treat them with in the backyard!

1. Movie Night in the Backyard

This summer my kids have converted the bottom and top of their swing set into a clubhouse that they share with our next door neighbors. One evening we let the kids watch a movie at dusk and they were ecstatic!

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2. Shaving Cream Galore

The wonder of shaving cream! Put the kids in bathing suits because this will get messy and hosing them down afterwards is an absolute must do! Grab an outdoor play table and a can of shaving cream. Let the kids go wild making designs with the shaving cream on the table, squirt it out, rub it on their bodies and just make a fabulous mess!  Kids love the tactile nature of shaving cream and on a hot summer day, they love getting a spray down with the hose. Honestly, the $2 you’ll spend on a can of shaving cream is next to nothing and the joy it brings compares to that of a giant day out.

shaving cream fun

3. Water Balloon Fights

We’ll fill up a giant bucket of water balloons and then let the kids have a blast chasing each other around throwing them at each other or having water balloon toss contests for the win too!  Glorious smiles and tons of laughter will definitely commence if you let your kids go to town with all kinds of ready made water balloons.

water balloon fun

What other unique ideas do you have to make transform your ordinary backyard activities into something more memorable and staycation worthy? 


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