3 Easy Fruit Infused Water Recipes To Try This Summer

Summer is creeping around the corner! With crazy hot days ahead, we’ve got 3 easy Fruit Infused Water recipes for you to try this summer. They are so great to make ahead, leave in fridge and switch up your water drinking with fresh fruit, and perfect for those hot hot days!

Hydration is key for survival— and super important when facing the summer’s heat! Let’s trade the typical soda and juice boxes for something refreshing, healthy and won’t break the bank on calories but will help in water intake while still enjoying the summer fun.
3 infused water

3 Easy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Freshen up your water by adding various fruit – and even lemon and cucumbers! Delicious, nutritious and simple solutions to hydration. Yum! 

These are my 3 favorite infused water recipes below with direction on how to prepare.

Lemon + Cucumber = reminds me of spa water, so refreshing! it is a great little detox beverage to have on hand.
Strawberry + Blueberry = talk about antioxidant rich natural drink.

Orange +Blueberry  =  such a refreshing mix coming from the citrus orange and sweetness of the blueberries, I think one of my favorites!

How to Prepare Infused Water Recipes

1. Pick your favorite fruit/ combo and slice them up.

2. Fill jar (s) up with filtered water and put desired fruit in and let them sit // the longer it sits, the more flavor will be released. < For the best results, leave the water in the refrigerator overnight >

3. Take out of fridge and enjoy the favorable water!
What is one of your favorite summer tips to stay healthy?

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