3 Easy Holiday Guest Prep ideas

How do you prep for holiday guests? I keep it simple! Beyond a clean home and making my kids tidy up all those toys, I like to make our home feel welcoming. Simple ways I’ve done this season include adding scented pine cones in our living areas and freshen up the guest bathroom space with new towels and bath mats.  Plus, we are all enjoying the cinnamon aroma and my kids love the stylish new towels I’ve added to the guest bathroom – which also doubles as their bathroom when guests are not visiting! Better Homes and Gardens has some many trendy home decor items they make it so easy, inexpensive, and effective to prep our house for guests – and style everyday.Check out what I did below.

Scented Pine Cones for the Win

Ah! The smell of the holidays….. Don’t you just love the warm cinnamon scents of the season? One of my favorite ways to make our home smell super welcoming is to either burn a candle or incorporate scented pinecones into our decor. Scented pine cones are the simplest and most effective way to keep our home smelling fabulous ALL the time!

Better Homes and Gardens sells a variety of different pine cone bags. Some even have glitter! I just popped mine into a bowl. As Christmas approaches I’ll swap out the dish and mix in Christmas Balls with my Pine Cones to add a pop of color while keeping that delightful aroma in our home.

Freshening Up the Guest Bathroom with New Towels and Bath Mats

Whenever I’m hosting overnight house guests, I love to be sure to lay out fresh fluffy towels in the bathroom for them. My kids joke it’s like I’m setting up a mini hotel! I have the kids move out of their bathroom so the guests can takeover and enjoy a clean space with everything they’d need as if they were staying at a hotel.

Since we had our bathroom refinished in the last year, I decided to add some brand new Better Homes and Garden bath towels to my linen closet so we’d be all set for holiday guests this season. I adore the entire Better Homes and Garden line for the bathroom – and really any room in my home. Affordable, stylish, and great quality!

I picked out these towels from Better Home and Garden at Walmart. Love them! They even sell coordinating bath mats too which I also purchased. Love the aqua and brown color ways.

And here’s the new bath mats we added to match as well! Love them!

Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

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