3 Favorite Natural Tricks to Fight Colds and Flu

Tis the season of sniffles! How do you prevent colds and flu in your household? I know it’s always a battle in our house – especially with asthma kids! Given the asthma factor puts my kids at even higher risk of complications and infections, I do everything possible to try and ward off the common colds or influenza before it strikes. #1 we always get a flu shot and I’ve also got a few more natural and holistic tricks we always try in our efforts to stave off illness. Read on for my 3 Favorite Natural Tricks to Fight Colds and Flu and info on how you can conveniently grab a flu shot at your local Walmart if you haven’t already.

3 Favorite Natural Tricks to Fight Colds and Flu

Beyond getting our flu shot, I also love to try natural remedies and vitamins to boost our immune system. We’re all over the hand sanitizer but when there is any sign of a sore throat, we try these 3 products. You can buy Emergen-C and Sambucol Elderberry varieties at your local Walmart in store or online.

I’m not sure if any of these strategies officially work, but we love to try more natural methods of boosting our immunity whenever possible. It sure can’t hurt!

1. Emergen-C: 

Bring on the bonus Vitamin C. I love these packets that you can dissolve in water to create a fizzy Vitamin C drink. We’ll drink this in the winter at any sign of the sniffles. They even sell a kids version now too!

2. Sambucol Black Elderberry Chewable Tablets

Black Elderberry is supposed to ward off illness as it has a long and ancient history of supporting immune function.

3. Thieves Essential Oil

Throughout history, people have used Thieves to as a natural way to fight infection and boost immunity. We rub it on the base of our spine and on our feet before bedtime if there is any potential sign of illness. It smells marvelous too – like cloves and cinnamon so Kenzie absolutely adores when I rub it on her! I love the smell so much and I think it really mentally helps me feel like I’m fighting bugs.


Flu Shot Information

We are religious about our flu shots. Everyone in our family ALWAYS gets a flu shot as soon as we are able and healthy to receive it in the Fall months. I have asthma, Kenzie, age 10, has severe asthma and Kyle, age 8 has mild asthma like me making us all at risk for complications. The flu shot vaccinations is one way scientific way we know we are doing all we can to prevent illness.

Did you know Walmart offers flu shots and other immunizations for Shingles, Pertussis, and many other vaccinations?

Flu shots are offed everyday in store.  I love being able to grab our flu shots in a retail store our my own families timeline as opposed to scheduling with our doctor office. Plus, tFlu shothere is no out-of-pocket expense with most insurance plans for the flu vaccine even in store or in the doctor office so this makes it a total win win. Walmart pharmacists can assist and provide a personalized experience. Learn more about getting a flu shot at Walmart here.

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