3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

Take a peek at these 3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds. Teens, tweens, and even their parents are all somewhat obsessed with Outer Banks on Netflix so it only seems appropriate to share a few iconic scenes for your next Zoom with friends. Who do you prefer… JJ or John B ?

3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

Did you know Outer Banks was actually filmed in Charleston, South Carolina? So if you plan to vacation in OBX this summer, finding scenes from the show will be difficult for you and your family!

We’ve got a few stunning gorgeous iconic scenes from the series to surprise your friends with on your next Zoom get-together. Simply download and enjoy!

The HMS Pogue with the gang cruising on the bay

3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

Tanneyhill Plantation, the Cameron’s Mansion

3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

The Redfield Lighthouse

Did you know there is actually not a “Redfield Lighthouse” in real life? These scenes are actually filmed at the Morris Island lighthouse in South Carolina. It’s a stunning view and the look and feel of the Morris Lighthouse changes according to the tides.

3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds

This article from the Charleston Visitor’s Bureau showcases 10 iconic locations featured in the OBX series that were NOT filmed in the Outer Banks, North Carolina but were actually all filmed in North Carolina.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Remember this posh country club scene for the Kook’s summer soiree? It was actually filmed at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

How to Add a Custom Zoom Background

Creating a custom zoom background is simple. Hope you love our 3 Free Outer Banks Zoom Backgrounds. If you aren’t familiar with how to add a custom Zoom background here’s the scoop.

When you are in Zoom, simply go to:

Settings > Virtual Background and add your favorite option.

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