What I learned about Zac Efron……

Really. I still want to pinch myself. If you didn’t read my last blog post Ritz Carlton Marina Del Ray & Zac Efron, I went to LA for a private screening of  Zac’s new movie Charlie St. Cloud and to  interview the cast.  The cast was fabulous and gave us all great scoop while making us feel relaxed and comfortable to chat away with them. It’s so much fun to get real tidbits from the stars!

So before you head out on Friday to see the movie on opening day (yes it is a tear jerker!), here’s 3 tidbits I learned from each of the 3 main characters that star in Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron:

1. He’s never sailed before this movie. But yes, he looks like a pro on screen!

2. How did he bond with his Dad growing up? They played catch all the time! I love how universal playing catch is – even for the movie stars!

3. Strange fact about his on screen sibling and his real life brother. Yes, they really did look like each other. (His brother in real life looked a lot like Charlie when he was that age!)

Zac, Charlie and Mommy Bloggers after our interview

(Yes we all fought over who would get to be the one Zac put his arm around! And the saying about movie stars looking better in real life than on camera – it is true! He was shorter than I imagined but he did not disappoint…. he is a handsome guy! )

Charlie Tahan – who plays Zac Efron’s on screen brother in Charlie St. Cloud

1. He’s not a Red Sox fan in real life.

2.  His favorite scene while filming Charlie St. Cloud:  When he and Zac slid on trash can lids in the mud during a rainstorm.

3. He’ s anxious to do a comedy movie next. He says, “I’ve done, like, sad boys who’ve died a lot.” (Best known for his roles in I am Legend and Burning Bright.)

Amanda Crew: Zac Efron’s love interest on screen. And she is super tall in real life! She wore a Bill Blass dress for our meeting and looked fabulous.

1.Yes, she had to take a “chemisty test” with Zac and read lines for the director to make sure there was a “connection” between the two of them.

2. She’s  kind of a clutz in real life and had to add 20 minutes to her hair and makeup time just to cover all the bruises on her legs from sailing accidents.

3. She loves her character Tess because she’s a great role model for girls. Tess knew what she wanted in life and went for it…even if it meant sailing around the world by herself.

Amanda (wearing Bill Blass dress) and the gang

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