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Last week, I stayed at Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve, which is a part of Marriott’s Vacation Club. This resort was located beside JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton in Orlando, so I was also able to enjoy the pools of the JW Marriott and some fine dining and spa services at the Ritz. It’s no surprise that this entire place is amazing. I have always found vacation clubs (aka timeshares) a little intimidating. During my stay, I had a few of my timeshare myths busted. Check out these 4 myths about Marriott’s Vacation Club that I used to believe.

If you’re a frequent traveler and love to stay in style, you may find these myth busters as interesting as I did…


4 myths about Marriott’s Vacation Club

Myth #1: You only have a few locations to choose from each year for your vacation. Lucky for adventurous travelers, this just isn’t true. The Marriott has vacation clubs all over the world. You can always trade in your location for a brand new spot!

Myth#2: It’s just too confusing to buy into a vacation club. It doesn’t have to be. Marriott has travel experts that can help you from changing your destination plans to any other questions regarding your package. They make it as easy as possible so that all you have to worry about is what to wear for your African safari.


Myth #3: Vacation clubs are great for older travelers but not for someone younger like me. I think that this is the biggest myth out there. Many people probably have a grandparent that owns a timeshare, and while I always thought that a timeshare sounded uncreative and not flexible enough for my traveling lifestyle, Marriott’s Vacation Club accommodations are high-end, luxury stays with many options for last-minute changes.

Myth #4: It’s too risky of a commitment. My favorite busted myth. The Marriott offers a trial run with their vacation club. It’s a great way to test drive the experience with zero commitment. Just knowing that this is an option makes me feel like it is something worth looking into. Ask about a trial experience, and at least you will walk away with a discounted vacation!


While I must admit that I’m not quite ready to make this decision myself, I was pleasantly surprised at how vacation clubs are starting to shift in appealing to the young, traveling families out there. My curiosity has been peaked. Has anyone else been finding their timeshare experiences to be more accommodating lately?

Read all the details about Marriott’s Vacation Club and options here: http://www.marriottvacationclub.com/


My travel and accommodations were kindly covered by Visit Florida.

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