4th of July Flag Cake Gluten Free

Check out our simple design and instructions to make a 4th of July Flag Cake – Gluten free style too! My Mom made this every year on the 4th of July when I was a child and it’s a tradition I’m thrilled to pass on to Kenzie and Kyle. Especially since it’s a total cinch to make but still impressive enough that your guests will appreciate the effort.

This flag cake design is so easy even your 5 & 7 year old can do the heavy lifting when it’s time to decorate. I’m all about convenience versus Martha Stewart perfection, so we went with a gluten free chocolate box cake and I let the kids lead in flag design.

In my book, homemade with a few mistakes in our stars and stripes pattern is more than charming than precise flag design!

Instructions to Make a 4th of July Flag Cake

What You’ll Need:

1Box cake mix, 2 Cool Whip packages (defrosted), fresh blueberries and strawberries sliced in half. You can pick up everything at your local Walmart.

( If you are not making a gluten free cake, I recommend Pound Cake as it tastes fabulous with Cool Whip and summer berries.)

Since Kyle has Celiac disease, we opted for a gluten free  Chocolate cake from Cherrybrook Farms. The Cool Whip pairs really nicely with this gluten free cake as it makes it much less dry since we all know that generally gluten free cakes are not quite as tasty as a traditional cake.


The Cherrybrook Farms brand chocolate cake was delicious as far gluten free brands go. If you’ve never tried it this a great option for those with food allergies as it is also dairy and nut free along with being gluten free.

Decorating your Flag Cake 

My motto is to let the kids lead the process with juts a little bit of direction and instruction from Mom and Dad. We iced the cake with a gigantic layer of Cool Whip. Everyone loves Cool Whip but also, when going gluten free, this really makes the entire dessert taste so much better. The emphasis is on the cool whip and berries as opposed to the chocolate cake.


The kids had a blast decorating. We did need to explains some basic American Flag guidelines to our 5 year old son as he was wanted to just go wild with blueberries and strawberries everywhere. I set the kids up by explaining to just do stripes with their red berries and pop all the blueberries into the corner in a rectangle as the “stars” on the American Flag.

The kids were so proud of their efforts!


Didn’t it turn out great? We have a few crooked rows, but at least everyone knows this is a homemade creation so it’s all good.



The pairing of Cool Whip with this yummy gluten free chocolate cake tasted terrific! Everyone devoured it and had second helpings too!


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