5 Benefits of Kombucha

Have you heard of Kombucha?  Kom, what? Check out these 5 Benefits of Kombucha and why you need to know all about it.

I said the same thing when I first learned about komucha. “What is this funny word in the health world

Come to find, this funny off set word has a slew of health benefits backed behind it.. and a good reason to drink it!

What is it? kombucha is a fermented beverage, made from black tea and sugar that’s used as a functional food. The beverage contains a colony of bacteria and yeast that are responsible for initiating the fermentation process, once the tea is met with sugar. Which will then result into carbonated and contains vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and a high concentration of acid!!! Then comes…  some great health benefits!

5 Benefits of Kombucha

– Detoxification: Due to a powerful detoxifier glucuronic acid which binds the toxins entering the liver and eliminates them out of the body via kidneys. This acid helps in reducing the burden on the pancreas and keeps the liver healthy!

– Antioxidant power!!!  Kombucha contains profuse amounts of organic acids such as glucuronic acids and powerful antioxidants which help in shielding the body from oxidative damage. The antioxidants that kombucha has looks out for the oxygen free radicals and neutralize their effects thereby… in other words, the antioxidants repair and protect the body from sickness.

kombucha 1

– Cellular health: I talk about cellular health alot.. cellular health is so vital for the healthy functioning of the body. A study showed that kombucha tea had demonstrated positive results with respect to the factors implicated in the reduction of cellular toxins. All that stuff that we indest daily.

– Digestion help: Due to the process of fermentation with live colony of bacteria and yeast, it works as a natural probiotic potion which helps in sustaining the gut health and provides relief from various abdominal disorders. This would be a great bevarge post dinner outs or those who have allerigc reactions! The digestive enzymes present in kombucha helps the breakdown of proteins that enter our body.

– Stronger immune system:  Because of the numerous antioxidants this beverage holds, it boosts the energy levels of our body. The anti-inflammatory properties help in fight of various types of bacterial and viral infections. Something for me to remember the next time I am sick 😉
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I have never made my own, but many people do! I find mine at local grocery stores! I like to pick them up time to time and have in my fridge.

Have you ever tried this? If so, what are you thoughts.
For those of you who haven’t, will you?

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