5 family activities in Orlando that don’t start with Disney

I love Disney just like every other person reading this post, but I also love exploring new cities and experiencing everything that they have to offer. On my last trip to Orlando, I skipped the Magic Kingdom to find out what lay outside the palace walls, and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the cool family activities that the city provided. For your next trip to Orlando, your family may want to check out these brand new attractions!

5 family activities in Orlando that don’t start with Disney

The Orlando Eye:

This observation wheel just opened last month, and you’ll enjoy trying to spot your favorite parks or take in a breathtaking sunset. Take note that the prime spot to take a selfie (as you can see in my pic) is roughly at the wheel’s 2:00 spot. An added bonus is getting to view a 3-minute 3D video before hopping on the wheel. The cost of a ticket is $25 with no child discounts. However, they are currently running a grand opening special for $18.



The Crayola Experience

Ok, so this is going to be SO cool! Coming July 1st, Crayola will be opening its doors in the Orlando area. This brightly colored store (no pun intended) will be full of activities ideal for kids between the ages of 2-12. From creating your own crayon to building your own tin of hand-picked crayons and markers, kids won’t be able to leave here without smiles on their faces! Kids under the age of 2 get in free, and be sure to check Crayola’s site and social channels for promotions.



Cowfish Grill and Universal City Walk

If your exploring the Universal area, be sure to stop by Universal City Walk. There is a ton to do here as you plot your plan to tackle the Hogwarts Express and new Diagon Alley areas – and the views over the water surrounding Universal are beautiful.

Be sure to check out Cowfish Grill, this interactive restaurant has something for everyone. As you walk in, your kids will find a colorful virtual game that lets them build their own fish. You’ll also find kid games at some of the tables. If you’re a sushi fan but your kids haven’t quite acquired the taste, you can have your choice of sushi, burgers, combos, or even better yet…PB&J sushi! Prices are also great for kids meals ranging from $7-9.



SEALIFE Aquarium

Located right beside the Orlando Eye at the new I-Drive 360, this aquarium is a cool exhibit that lets your kids have some hands-on experiences with the creatures. I really loved how kids can put on 3D glasses and be immersed in a creative scavenger hunt throughout the exhibits.


Eco-friendly kayaking

While staying at Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve, we had the option to hop on the water for an amazing kayaking trip. Most people probably don’t think of Orlando being filled with such beautiful nature, but take some time away from the crowds and enjoy family time out on the water!


Travel and accommodations for my trip were provided by Visit Orlando.

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