5 Family Fun Reasons to Visit Camelback Mountain Beyond Skiing #MyCamelback

It’s hard to please everyone in your family when it comes to vacations…especially in the winter when it feels like you’re limited in affordable, convenient options. However, Camelback Ski Resort seems to have the perfect solution and is located a super quick and easy ride Philadelphia, New York City and all their surrounding suburbs.  Don’t worry if you aren’t a skiing family. There’s a ton of other activities to keep everyone busy beyond simply skiing. Check out our 5 Family Fun Reasons to Visit Camelback Mountain Beyond Skiing to get creative this winter. If you can’t beat the cold, join it!

And… if your kids ski, remember Ski PA offers free lift tickets for 4th and 5th graders too!

1. Snow Tubing at Camelback Mountain

Kids of all ages will have a blast Snow tubing at Camelback. I must admit that even I couldn’t help but feel pretty excited as I took the escalator to the top.

Word to the wise, the hill closest to the ticketing office has the steepest drop. If you’re looking for the fastest ride, stay on that hill. We went on a Sunday morning at ten. While it was crowded, the lines moved quickly. You probably will wait in line at the top of the hill less than five minutes. You may want to start with a few rides by yourself so that you can race your family.

After proving to your kids that you’ve still got it on the tubing hill, you can link all your tubes together and go down as one happy (but screaming) family. My friends and family tried this out last week, and we were laughing the entire time. Each session lasts three hours, and new sessions start at the top of every hour.

2. Winter Wonderland and WAFFLES

Can there be a better pair than skiing and waffles?! Nothing beats celebrating a great run with a stop at the Waffle Cabin. You’ll find Waffle Cabins at multiple spots around Camelback. Even if you don’t want to ski, meet your family right outside the lodge at one of the huts. The hardest decision of the day will be to choose between a plain waffle or to top it off with chocolate sauce. However, the decision was easy for me. Pure bliss!

3. The Mountain Coaster at Camelback

Your kids don’t have to hit the slopes to enjoy the view. For $10 a piece, your kids can take a roller coaster “Mountain coaster” ride down the mountain. What I love about the coaster is that you can control the level of your speed. In the video below, I was going at a fairly slow pace. If you or your kids want to increase the thrill, push forward on the brake bars. You’ll be flying! Each person gets to be in his or her own car, so enjoy a 4 1/2 minute casual ride up the mountain, and then…enjoy the fun trip down!! 

4. Dinner at Desaki

Yum! Dinner at Desaki is an absolute MUST DO!!!!!!!!

This restaurant is an experience that your family will never forget. In fact, it was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Camelback. We loved our chef Stevy.

I don’t think that I have ever been so impressed with the entertainment at a hibachi restaurant.

This restaurant is all about the family. Every Saturday is family fun night with balloon animals, face painting, a bubble machine, and a family dance party. Your kids can also play Xbox while you relax at the bar. In the winter, the owner throws hundreds of pounds of corn outside the restaurant for deer to enjoy and to provide an entertaining sight for your family. In the summer, kids take rickshaw rides around the restaurant while they wait for their meals.

Oh, and ladies, you have to check out the hands-free bathroom. If you’re a germophobe like myself, you will appreciate it.

5. Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia

Official links to Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia

Coming in April, Camelback is opening a new hotel that is the largest indoor waterpark and family entertainment center in the northeast. AWESOME! While younger kids will have plenty to do at the water park, there are a ton of thrill water rides that will appeal to your teenage kids too. I’ll be writing a sneak peek preview post shortly, so stay tuned for more inside scoop.

Of course, your older kids will enjoy a few good Snapchat opportunities. Even if they won’t admit it, their friends will think that your family vacation was pretty darn cool with shots like this one.

Camelback Resort paid for my expenses on my trip. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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