5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch

Save some cash and enjoy these 5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch. These are all great options and fan favorites. We own a Nintendo Switch Lite and its’ the PERFECT gift for your kids – both tweens and teens will love it!

Buying Nintendo Switch games can get expensive so we love to use free options to add to our collection! Lots of great deals happening now to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite with the holidays fast approaching.

My son Kyle, age 12, is wild about his Nintendo Switch Lite and he has played all of these 5  Free Games for Nintendo Switch to stay entertained and mix things up when he’s not playing Animal Crossing, Mario Cart or Minecraft.

Kyle playing his Nintendo Switch Lite in the styling coral color below.

5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch

Here’s our quick list that 12 year old Kyle curated with his favorite 5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch along with his quick thoughts on the game play. His favorite of these is probably Rocket League – or at least that’s what I find him playing the most when he’s not tooling around with one of the 3 paid games that we own like Animal Crossing, Minecraft or Mario Cart.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is a high speed racing game with modern cars. Each level has different challenges. If you complete a challenge you can upgrade to get a better vehicle.

Kitten Squad

Kittens vs. Robots. In this game you go on quests and try to find the creature that the robots have taken hostage. Every day Pirate Kitten will have new bounties for you. Earn coins to get cuter kittens.

5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch

Rocket League

Rocket league is a vehicular soccer video game. Developed by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Rocket League is a favorite for many soccer players around the world.

5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is a great free-download game for all pokemon lovers! With this app on your switch, you can transfer pokemon from Pokemon Go, Pokemon Swords and Shields, and many other pokemon games.


Fortnite. Need we say more? The popular Fortnite game is FREE on Nintendo Switch. The good news is that if you can link to your existing Fortnite account so continue playing wherever you left off. Yay! You can download this free from the Nintendo eShop. If you don’t already have a Fortnite account, after the digital download you can just create a new account. There is no crossplay on this version, but it’s awesome that it links to your existing account so you can just keep on playing.

Nintendo Switch Lite Color Options

Thinking of gifting a Nintendo Switch or buying a new one? There’s lots of stylish colors for your Nintendo Switch available now too! Coral, Yellow, Blue or Gray. Aren’t these awesome?

Nintendo Switch Lite makes a fantastic gift for your tweens or teens. You can also purchase a cartridge or an electronic code for popular games as a gift. Then, share our list of 5 Free Games for Nintendo Switch so your kiddo can extend their game play and have lots of varitey!

Note: Thanks to Nintendo for providing us with a free Nintendo Switch to sample their gorgeous new colors. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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