5 Reasons Girls will Fall in Love with Disney’s Star Darlings Book Series #StarDarlings

Wishes make a dream come true. Believing, wishing, hoping, and dreaming are all so powerful. Disney’s Star Darlings is ALL about making wishes come true and the book series is something all girls – and their Moms – will connect with easily. As a mother, I try to instill in my daughter the power of following your dreams, setting goals, and believing in yourself.

Basically, for the quick scoop, the Star Darlings books feature magic, friendship, and are all about the lively “star-charmed girls” who encourage and help those of us on Wish World (aka Earth) to fulfill our own wishes.

Setting a goal and dreaming about it is a BIG way we do things in our family and how I want my kids to think about life. Then to pair that with all the good stuff to help you get those wishes to come true….. especially if you live your life with a positive attitude and ability to persevere in the face of obstacles …. anything is possible!

What Wishes Do You Have for 2016?

What wishes do you have for 2016? This is a fun question to ask your kids. It gets them inspired and it’s an amazing way to find out what your daughters REALLY want in their own lives. The start of new year is always a wonderful time to reflect and dream  on wishes and goals. Kenzie, who is a very competitive swimmer, told me her big swim wish for 2016 is to make the Eastern Zone team this summer and to break more records at our summer club in her best events. As for traveling, she is wishing for a trip to Europe – my avid bookworm has been exploring the world via words and she wants to now see London, Paris, Rome, and Athens in real life. Hopefully she can bring me in her suitcase?

Putting those hopes and wishes into words is just one more step to make them more real so I love that Star Darlings triggered all these magical conversations for us.

5 Reasons Girls will Fall in Love with Disney’s Star Darlings Book Series


1. Disney’s Star Darlings is a SERIES with lots of reasons to keep on reading

I’m a huge advocate of series books for kids. When children find a book they relate to and love, series books enable kids to keep on reading about familiar beloved characters. Star Darlings currently has 5 chapter books, but with 12 special “Star Darlings” at Star Academy and many more students at the school, I’m anticipating all kinds of stories in the future.

2. Disney created a STARMENDOUS brand new world: Starland

They’ve thought of EVERYTHING. My 10 year old Kenzie is beyond impressed by how thoroughly detailed and descriptive these books are at explaining Starland and the magic surrounding this world. Think a whole new world with new words to describe everything! The word star crops up all the time too.  It’s stariffic with all kinds of made up gadgetz, gizmos, foods, seasons and school terms that show the Star Darlings are really out of this world. It reminds us of Harry Potter as these stories truly are out of this world with wonderful magical details.

3. Magic, Fantasy and Wishes!

The Star Darlings are ripe with magic. By using positive energy the Starlings can move things with their mind! Starlings,  plants and animals glow and the planet relies on all the positive wish energy from Earth to keep everything fueled.

4. A Wisher’s Guide to Starland 

Girls will absolutely adore this gorgeous, bright Encyclopedia of all things Star Darlings. Beautiful pages detail the entire world. Each Star Darling is described in great detail too from her favorite jewelry, colors, wishes, hobbies, skills, and more. Even out of this world images of each Star Darling’s Dorm Room at the Starling Academy plus details on all the Faculty and staff too.

For reluctant readers or voracious readers, this guide book will help kids instantly immerse themselves in the Star Darlings world. Kenzie was so WOWED and impressed that Disney has truly thought of EVERYTHING. She is personally obsessed with this guide book and all things Star Darlings world now. Honestly, the guide book is her favorite part! She can’t stop reading it and wants more and more and more of it!

5. Star Darlings “Wish Now” Music Video, Apps, and Shorts

Disney has created an assortment of fun ways for girls to take their love of Star Darlings online to extend the relationship and build the Star Darlings world. Music, apps, video shorts, and more.

We adore this catchy Star Darlings tune, “Wish Now”. Check it out here. The Star Darlings YouTube channel has a handful of super cute mini episodes to view and the Disney Channel will air a special Star Darlings episode at 8 pm this Friday night January 29th.

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Official Info about the Star Darlings

You visit the Star Darlings website here.

Launched in Fall 2015, Disney “Star Darlings” is a stellar original property for tweens that answers the question of where wishes come from, and features a diverse array of star-charmed girls who encourage and help others to fulfill their heartfelt wishes.

 Just like real girls, each Star Darling has her own wish that she pursues with full force and determination—and the help of her friends. These shared journeys and experiences provide exceptionally positive examples to inspire tweens to follow their dreams, and are experienced through books, dolls, music and apparel, along with a mobile app and animated shorts. Disney “Star Darlings” offers an innovative and unparalleled lifestyle experience that encourages tweens to harness the power of their individuality, highlights the power of making positive choices, and shows that they can make anything possible.

As far back as anyone can remember, Starlings who have completed special training, have granted wishes for Earthlings. But a major crisis is afoot and soon twelve unique girls from the prestigious Starling Academy are chosen to be the first student Starlings to venture to Earth. Rich with themes of friendship, confidence, leadership, and teamwork, the Star Darlings as they are known, go on the most magical adventures of their lives. Determined to succeed in spite of their youthful inexperience, the girls show courage and ingenuity—plus a whole lot of humor—as they guide Wishers to discover happiness and fulfillment.

Initially conceived by designer Shana Muldoon Zappa, and her husband, New York Times bestselling authorAhmet Zappa (Because I’m Your Dad), “Star Darlings” was inspired by their daughter. “Our intention with Star Darlings has always been to empower girls and let them know there is an unstoppable wish energy created by positive thinking, taking action, and believing in yourself,” said Shana Muldoon Zappa. 

Note: This post is sponsored by Disney Press. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. This would be perfect for my daughter who loves to read!!! She was the #1 AR reader last year out of her whole grade at her school. She loves fashion, Disney, and loves to read about everything you described in these books!!!

  2. My daughter was being bullied in school and was feeling down and hating herself having low self asteem but now shes reading these books she dosent let it get to her and shes so much kore happier about herself def a grwat read for kids

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  4. Very cool.. My girls are probably too young for these books, but I would love to read them myself and hold onto them until they are a little older. I tweeted this and followed you on Instagram and YouTube. In the process of reading your Digital Mom Handbook… so.. much… information….

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