5 Tips to Capture Amazing Disney Memories on Camera #DisneySMMC

When vacation ends, I love to live vicariously through our photos as I find scrolling through the memories to be the best cure for my post Disney melancholy. We just came back from our WHIRLWIND trip to Disney and I’m loving so many of our photos. Isn’t this photo of us on the Mine Train awesome??? We always snap so many photos, but I’ve noticed the best moments we capture tend to follow a pattern. Check out our 5  Tips to Capture Amazing Disney Memories on Camera

Here’s a few tips to capturing great Disney memories that we’ve learned over the years.

5 Tips to Capture Amazing Disney Memories on Camera

Isn’t this photo of us on the Mine Train awesome??? Talk about capturing pure JOY. Love it!


1. Take advantage of the Disney Photo Pass Memory Maker Package

This photo was captured thanks to our Memory Maker Photo package that was gifted to us from the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I highly recommend buying this as we know have hundreds of gorgeous shots we’d never even seen and or bought if not for the Memory Maker. The tech is so smart I didn’t even know this photo was snapped during the ride, but the system recognizes us on all the rides thanks to our Magic Bands. Incredible! Seriously, friends we are LIVING in the future!

And of course we’ve got other classic ride photos like this shot of the kids on Splash Mountain. Could there be any better photo to showcase the difference in my children’s personalities? Kyle living it up with the hands in the air like he just doesn’t have a care in the world and Kenzie looking oh so apprehensive and nervous.


Disney’s Memory Maker Photo Pass is $169 but if you buy it before your vacation starts it is usually on sale for more like $127. Definitely worth the price as you can download EVERYTHING digitally. Hooray!

 2. Snap photos of your kids as they are chatting with Characters BEFORE you actual take the real picture.

These show the natural interactions and awesome expressions before kids “pose” for a photo. This is a great way to grab the REAL smile of your little ones and not their “I’m trying to SO hard to smile” fake cheesy smile.


3. Snap photos of the kids when they are looking at ANOTHER camera

We find these “side” shots are awesome and somehow look more natural than when someone looks directly at the camera. You don’t need a professional photographer to snap pics, my husband and I will even tag team it with me taking pics of the kids and him grabbing the side shots on another camera.


4. Step up CLOSER to Cinderella’s castle before snapping the family photo or pic of kids in front of the castle. 

There’s no need to ONLY snap a photo of the castle on the crowded Main Street. Yes, it’s thrilling to take this photo as you approach the castle, but remember crowds of people will be in your picture too. This is a classic shot, but don’t forget to step right up to the castle for close up where you can snap the kids or the family without an additional crowd milling about !

People always ask me , ” Why was the park so empty when you visited? ” …. It’s always crowded, we just take close ups by the castle that don’t show the thousands of crowds 🙂



5. Capture Random Moments 

Capturing those random moments will really bring back the VIBE of your vacation as your look at photos months or years after the vacation has ended. From the family walking in front of you – think those classic shots of siblings holding hands or Mom and Dad tending to a little one to those moments when the kids are fooling around BEFORE you want to snap the actual photo.




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