HOWL-O-WEEN Great Wolf Lodge Style #GreatWolfLodge

Are you read for HOWL-O-WEEN Great Wolf Lodge Style?  Our contributor Elise and her kiddos visited the Great Wolf Lodge in Anaheim, CA to give us the spooky scoop on all things Halloween at the Great Wolf Lodge. Across the country, Great Wolf Lodge has spooktacular celebrations for HOWL-O-WEEN. Decor may vary obviously from location to location but where ever you visit, during the month of October it’s an extra fantastic time!  We visited our Pocono location in September as they were prepping to set up for Halloween and I could tell the decorations were going to be fabulous!

Halloween at the Great Wolf Lodge

HOWL-O-WEEN Great Wolf Lodge

The kids scattered faster than anyone could say, “boo!”  Some in costume, some not.  It didn’t matter.  What did matter was the map they held tightly in their little hands leading them upstairs, downstairs, in nooks and crannies adorned with webs and filled with candy.  Lots of candy.  The trail is a perfectly safe way to relish in the joys of trick or treating and even concludes with a sugary fueled Monster Bash Dance Party complete with pop music, a smoke machine and warm apple cider.  Those with an ounce of energy left can get in their PJ’s and make their way over to the forest friends area to wind down with a not-so scary Story Time featuring Great Wolf’s cast of characters.  This is Halloween at Great Wolf Lodge.


It’s a perfect for those looking for a festive way to revel in the magic of the season, whether it be a haunted castle, winter wonderland or a gingerbread house, because Great Wolf knows holidays and there’s little they relish in more than creating lasting staycation memories for families.



In addition to holiday excitement, Great Wolf also offers its year round staples such as their infamous 75,000 square foot water park,  kid friendly spa (mommy and me manicures), an alley with an arcade, mini golf and bowling and Magi Quest.   If you haven’t experienced Magi Quest, it’s an adventure that will keep your kids on the move for hours.  In the magi store, they can choose a special magic wand which kicks off a treasure hunting quest for clues hidden all over the resort.  As a parent following along, you’ll get your 10,000 steps in without a problem.  If and when your child finishes, they’ll get to be crowned a “magi master” in a special ceremony.  Not to worry if you don’t finish all in one trip.  You can take the wand home as a souvenir and bring it back to use again.  It remembers all of your completed quests so you can to pick up where you left off.



It is a pleasant surprise to discover that the food at this family resort is a priority.  From the Lodge Wood Fired Grill offering premium, wood fired steaks and freshly caught seafood to the Wine Down service delivering delicious food and wine pairings straight to your door, Great Wolf truly aims to satisfy delicate palates.  Of course, you can always grab a dunkin’ donuts coffee, pizza and a boat load of gourmet candy on the property as well.   Great Wolf is very conscious about allergies and has a completely nut free kitchen.  For those who want more reassurance, they’re encouraged to speak directly with the chef prior to their trip so meals can be prepared safely from the very beginning.



The property offers a few types of rooms including standard, themed and premium.   Standard is what you’d expect – a king, two queens or 2 queens and a sleeper sofa.  The themed rooms are where it’s at featuring an in suite cave themed sleeping area with bunk beds which will delight the kids and give you some privacy.  Premium suites are great if you’re taking a trip with friends or family and want more space and even a second bedroom.


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