6 Best Restaurant Experiences at Beaches Turks and Caicos #BeachesMoms

I’ve rounded up a list of my families favorite restaurants at Beaches in Turks and Caicos. There’s no shortage of food or drink at Beaches!  Here’s a list of my families 6 favorite restaurant experiences at Beaches in Turks in Caicos.  When you are trying to decide where to dine at Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos, it can be overwhelming as there are seriously 15+ restaurants to choose from. Our family has visited 3 times, so I think we’ve tested practically every option to create our personal top picks list. Here’s our faves in no particular order.

I’ve included photos and videos we took on location at Beaches Resort so we could give you all a better sense of the restaurant. After dinner, we love to visit Paris in the French Village for a nice stroll and to grab a pastry or other treat. Usually, since Kyle is gluten free, we all end up eating marshmallows that we pop on skewers and dip in chocolate sauce. A win win for all of us! Yum!

I am so excited to return to Beaches later this week for the Social Media On the Sand conference!!! Writing this post has made me hungry!

6 Best Restaurant Experiences at Beaches


This is my absolute must do fave dinner restaurant experience at Beaches. Reservations are typically required and we always make them for one special night here.  The chefs cook right in front of you! I was skeptical of what my kids would think of the food the first time we ate here, but watching their singing chef chop, cook, sing, and toss shrimp in the air to everyone at our table always captivates them and encourages them to taste new food – and enjoy it too! Kenzie fell in love with Mahi Mahi for the first time after our singing chef encourage her to try it!

Mahi Mahi – it’s so nice, they named it twice!


Sesame Character Breakfast

We heart the character breakfast. Definite must do. My kids still absolutely adore snapping photos with all the Sesame gang and you’ll get to see every character, get your photos taken, and even dance and boogie down with your favorite Sesame friends. So much fun for Mom and Dad too as I love seeing my kids excitement – and I admit I’m still a bit starstruck by my Sesame friends too!

Here’s a post with all the details, pricing, inclusions and a VIDEO of our Sesame Character Breakfast experience.

Kenzie Kyle Abby 


Love this for a sit down breakfast as it has a gorgeous view of the water and open air seating. At dinner, Schooners is a must do restaurant so you can catch the sunset while devouring their grouper dish. It’s fantastic and what I order every time. I love it and even my 8 year old will devour it too!

Bobby Dee’s

Really fun for kids. Super casual American style fast food served to you. Kids will love the chicken tenders, grilled cheese, burgers and all day milkshakes.

Located by the waterslide park, they even have a swim up ice cream bar. We often eat lunch here or stop by for ice cream desserts.


Barefoot by the Sea

Gorgeous views of the ocean as this literally restaurant literally sits in the sand by the beach. You’ll be able to take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand and yes your kids might just build a sand castle or dig for shells during meal time! It’s works for us!

Here’s a little video so you can see just how awesome this is to eat at a table in the sand!

I love their breakfast especially here! And of course at night there’s seafood and a finer dining experience – sand still included!

Bonus: For breakfast, they’ll even whip up Yummy gluten free pancakes for my 6 year old! Hooray!!!!


Sky Lounge

Located in the newest section of Beaches Turks & Caicos, Key West Village, the Sky Lounge has stellar ocean views and you can grab a buffet dinner or breakfast here daily. We’ve done both!



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    • I know! I am SUPER excited. And Jo Lynne you can request gluten free stuff too – they prefer you do it in advance – but if you don’t mind waiting a bit you can do it when you order too!

  1. Oh they look like so much fun! A friend told me that had allergy friendly options too (I hope she was right). No vacation this year, but I’m definitely eyeing this for next summer!

    • Gina – Yes they have allergy options. Kyle has Celiac disease. They prefer you give them 24 hrs or the night before – notice on which restaurants you want to eat at and food choice – ie gluten free muffins, pancakes, pasta or pizza or whatever – then they can have it ready for you.

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