Guilt Free Thanksgiving Healthy Swaps

Check out these Guilt Free Thanksgiving Healthy Swaps! With the holidays vastly approaching and one of my favorites, thanksgiving, also means the rest of the holidays will be creeping right behind. I love to enjoy the holidays but I also have found little tips and tricks, just like these 6 Healthy Swaps For A Guilt Free Thanksgiving that wont break your goals and STILL enjoy yourself all the way through your families thanksgiving traditions, and not feel left out from the fun!
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Guilt Free Thanksgiving Healthy Swaps

Here’s 6 Healthy Swaps For A Guilt Free Thanksgiving!pumpkin-table-scape
1- Skip the creamy dips, try a yogurt dip!
Before the feast, I love love love appetizers with the family. But there are some dips that are just loaded with calories, instead of going for the heavy dips.. try something that’s yogurt based. A little tip is to substitute low-fat or nonfat plain Greek yogurt or nonfat sour cream for regular sour cream in all of your recipes this season! A nice vanilla yogurt dip and strawberries is always good!
2-Skim back on some alcohol and try a wine spritzer!
During the holidays, let’s face it, drinks are everywhere and there is always something to toast! But with drinking = endless empty calories. The easiest way to cut unnecessary calories this season is to skim back on certain drinks. Of course, still enjoy yourself, but again try a little swap! A great alternative that will help you save calories is to replace 2 ounces of wine with club soda. Since a 5-ounce glass of red or white wine has about 150 calories, and club soda has no calories, replacing just two ounces of the wine already saves you 60 calories! Maybe use towards another piece of piece 😉 …  your still partaking in the adult festivities just enjoying something for fewer amount of calories. spritzer
3-Skip dark meat, chose white meat:
There is two types of meat on your thanksgiving dinner — dark and white meat, But, the dark meat in your Thanksgiving turkey has about twice the fat of turkey breast and about 40 percent more calories. A 3.5-ounce portion of dark meat (about the size of a deck of cards) with the skin on has about 230 calories. The same amount of turkey breast without the skin is only about 160 calories, cutting about 70 calories as well as saturated fat! Wow! Who knew?

4. Swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes:
Both these vegetables are filled with nutrients, but the sweet potato will over rule the white! It will provide you with 400% of vitamin A for a whole day! Also, fewer less calories, MORE fiber and vitamin C.
9 benefits of sweet potatoes and why you will absolutely want them on your holiday table! sweet-pot

5. Save room for dessert, YES, still enjoy yourself!

It’s definitely hard to resist holiday desserts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s because there is so many events! but no reason you can’t enjoy yourself, but you can still save about 200 calories by choosing pumpkin pie (300 calories a slice) over pecan pie (about 500 calories). Neither is exactly eating healthy, but with the pumpkin you’re getting lots of vitamin A, calcium and iron 😉 so in my book, it is a pretty good choice!


6-Choose homemade stuffing over store bought:

I can’t imagine thanksgiving without this essential! BUT it doesn’t have to be the unhealthy store-bought stuffing that’s prepared with butter and just cubes of white bread! Try a healthy holiday alternative and make your own stuffing 🙂 Sauté celery and onions and other cubed vegetables of your choosing (from carrots to water chestnuts) 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil with the mixture with cubes of using whole-grain bread, moisten the cubes with no- or low-sodium chicken broth. Add your favorite herbs before baking // doing it this version has less fat, more fiber, and more flavor due to you adding in your favorite spices! stuffing
I hope you enjoyed some of these swaps that I have learned to do! The holidays are such a fun and special time of year, but no need to either over indulge or deprive yourself, just a few little swaps to help you and your journey!What is one of you favorite “swaps” during this time of year?

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