7 Benefits of Chia seeds

For the longest time I could not get this right. Chia? Like chia pets? Wait, it’s a seed? Okay. but what does it do?I had wanted to try this “seed” and all its benefits for awhile now and always saw it popping up on sites. I was impressed with how amazing they are and what they can do for us, such a simple seed has so many benefits AND you can replace while baking?! Count me in! It’s SO easy to incorporate into your diet too! Take a peek at these 7 Benefits of Chia seeds below. POWERFUL!

7 Benefits of Chia seeds

Let’s take a look: Top 7 benefits:

  • Weight Loss –  These are known for aiding in weight loss by reducing cravings by preventing some foods from being absorbed into your system.  They also make you feel fuller faster because they absorb so much water … check the end of the post of a chia seed pudding, can eat something sweet but still be on your weightloss journey!
  • Hydration – Sounds kinda funny, but when they hit water, they absorb all the water and “jelly” that can hydrate the body.
  • Omega -3’s – You have heard how powerful omegas are and these seeds have just that! Chia seeds are the most abundant plant source for Omega-3’s…. MORE than salmon, can you believe it?
  • Control Blood Pressure, & Blood Sugar – They slow down how fast our bodies convert carbs into simple sugars.  They help regulate insulin levels, and can reduce insulin resistance and decrease high levels of insulin in the blood system.
  • Fiber – They are a great source of fiber, 2 tablespoons contains has 10 grams which is 1/3 of the daily recommended intake!  Fiber is known for reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and regulating bowel function.
  • Antioxidants – They are full of antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals, aging, & cancer.
  • Replacement –  I find this to be so interesting, but these can be substituted for eggs.  Because they swell when put in liquid, you get the gel substance that is similar to an egg.  Next time out of eggs,  mix 1 tablespoon of chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water and let it sit for 15 minutes { 1 tbsp = 1 egg and so forth }

Want to give these a go?! Check out my sweet, but satisfying, chia pudding over at piece of cait!

Have you tried chia seeds before? If so, how do you incorporate them to your diet? 

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