7 Benefits Of Yoga & Why You Should Check It Out This Winter!

​With the new year here, you may be looking for something new to try as a new resolution, maybe something to counter balance out your other workouts or maybe you just need an hour of peace.. alone! …. I would totally suggest yoga! It is a practice I’ve been doing for a couple years now and recently graduated from official Yoga training. From practicing over the years, I have gained so many amazing benefits from this gentle flow. What you do on the mat will trickle into your daily life! I promise! Check out these 7 Benefits Of Yoga and why you should start practicing yoga NOW!


7 Benefits Of Yoga

boosts immunity: one of the most popular benefits of yoga is that it can actually help our bodies immune system on a cellular level.  Because practicing yoga increases your physical and emotional health.. you allow yourself to  breathe better, move better, and let your organs function better than ever before!

self esteem:  it is so easy to fall under this trap of not feeling good enough or feel our best. And sometimes we don’t cope with in the best way.  If you take a positive approach and emerge yourself into yoga, you can feel like there is something way more and better about yourself! I think it comes with the territory of the community, your teacher, your practice on the mat that carries you out to the everyday life of positivity , affirmations and really going on a journey with yourself! Take a walk on the wild side.. or a down dog 😉

more yoga, less depression:  when flowing on your mat, yoga may reduces symptoms of depression. There was a study at  Boston University that practicing yoga can actually boost low GABA levels by 27% after just an hour of yoga! With the practice also comes a better mood. Try making it a date with your mat once a week 🙂

builds muscle:  working on having muscles is more than just a look. They also protect us from conditions body aches! While your building up lean muscle from the physical aspect of yoga at the same time your building flexibility too. Double the goods!

inner massage: during practice, our organs are getting an internal massage. Between twists, turns and gentle stretching also is a gentle detoxifer to rid of toxins that our body may have. When someone becomes more in-tuned with their body, they can pick up the sign that maybe they are getting sick. Being in-tune with our bodies is such a gift and one to discover.

better sleep: when getting your yoga on, naturally we become less stressed which and more relaxed which can ideally trickle into our nightly routine and sleep. Usually stress is our biggest culprit of lack of sleep.
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less cravings: i know.. your wondering how?! BUT – a regular practice on that mat will translate into being more aware of your health and choices.  All that breathing we do during practice is more than an exhalation but strengthens  mind-body connection so that you are better able to tune into your emotions and make better decisions .These are just a few of my favorite benefits that come along with giving our body some quiet time and fluid movement. If you’ve been wanting to try for awhile.. dust off your mat, grab a friend and enjoy the journey.Want to see more of me? Head over to Piece Of Cait, where I share balancing the blend of a sweet and healthy lifestyle and some YOGA!


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