7 Must Do Attractions at Sea World Orlando @SeaWorld

Last week during out trip to Florida to visit my family, we made a day trip up to Orlando to hit Sea World for the very 1st time ever. We’ve always heard great things about Sea World and all their animal shows so we were anxious to check it out. Below is a list of 7 Must Do Attractions at Sea World Orlando.  The animal shows were definitely our favorite part of the day along with feeding the sea lions and harbor seals. You can definitely do Sea World in 1 day and if we ever visit again, I think I’d sign up for an up close tour of their Animal Rehabilitation center so we could learn more about Sea World’s efforts and hopefully sneak in some close ups with sea critters!  Sea World also offer personal encounters with penguins, dolphins and other animals too for an additional fee.

7 Must Do Attractions at Sea World Orlando

Check out our tips below – listed in no particular order.  We definitely advise checking the “showtime” schedule before you visit so you can plan your day around the timing of the shows you want to see as in our opinion these are the definite highlight of the Sea World and what makes Sea World so unique compared to other theme parks.

1. Catch One Ocean Show in Shamu Stadium.

We were wowed by the majestic Killer whales and the tricks they performed.  Be prepared to get wet if you sit in the Splash Zone too. You might get very wet – or just splashed. Either way, it makes the experience more fun and feels fantastic to cool off! We loved it!


2. Check out the new Antartica: Emperor of the Penguin Attraction


You’ll love the 32 degree weather and the variety of penguins at the end of this ride. Hit it first thing in the morning so you don’t get caught up in a long line. The ride itself before the penguin viewing is not very exciting so it’s not something you want to wait in a long line for, however, the penguins at the end of the ride were fabulous! We absolutely loved seeing them!!!! So this definitely is on our must do list. The penguins were adorable! If it wasn’t so cold we’d have stayed inside ogling them even longer!

3. Dine at Sharks Underwater Grill  – Fine Dining Experience

Who’s eating who?  Ask for a seat next to the tank if possible too! That’s what we did and it was great. We ate lunch here at 12 noon and loved it. We can’t rave enough about the food at Sharks Underwater Grill. INCREDIBLE! We spent over $100 on our meal but it was worth every cent as our meals were all excellent seafood fare and they catered to Kyle’s gluten issues as well. He was even able to eat a flourless chocolate cake for dessert!

You’ll eat surrounded by giant fish and all kinds of sharks – what a view!


4. See the Blue Horizons Show

The Blue Horizons show was our favorite show of all. It featured dolphins, whales, and even acrobatics and flocks of tropical birds.

5.  Visit Dolphin Cove

You’ll see all the dolphins swimming both above and below water. Even better, show up when others are paying for their personal dolphin encounter and you’ll be able to see all the tricks and stunts the dolphins do with those enjoying their pool side personal encounter. You’ll be standing farther away obviously but we felt like we saw a great deal of fun dolphin stunts for free given it’s about $60 per person to do the dolphin encounter.


6. Feed the Sea Lions and Harbor Seals

Awesome! For only $5 we could buy fish to feed the animals. The kids thought this was grand and we had a blast getting up close and interacting with the sea lions and harbor seals.

7. Ride the Atlantis Journey

AWESOME ride!!!! Kyle and Dad rode this together as Kenzie was nervous about the big drop.  They compared it to Splash Mountain at Disney and absolutely loved it – although they did say it was a bit darker inside with scarier elements like a Medusa head and after the big drop it essentially became a fabulous water style “roller coaster”. Later on in the afternoon, when Kenzie got her courage and wanted to ride it, the line was over 1 hour and we didn’t have “Front of Line Access” – basically the fast pass ticket – so we opted to forgo additional rides and instead enjoyed more of the animal viewings.

Obviously there are many other great attractions, but these were the top 7 we enjoyed during our 1 day visit.

A few other hot attractions that our readers will definitely enjoy: The Stingray Cove – who doesn’t love a good stingray interaction? The kids can touch and feed the stingrays too! For the daredevils, the Manta roller coaster is not to be missed either!

Thanks to Sea World for providing complimentary admission tickets for our family. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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