7 Reasons Why Visiting Discovery Cove Is Worth the Price #DiscoveryCove

Discovery Cove is an absolute MUST DO vacation destination. If you’ve ever considered visiting Discovery Cove but weren’t sure about what the experience would be like or if it was worth the price tag, I can tell you that we highly recommend this destination after our visit. You can check out our video adventure below and our top 7 Reasons Why Visiting Discovery Cove Is Worth the Price.

7 Reasons Why Visiting Discovery Cove Is Worth the Price

7 Reasons Why Visiting Discovery Cove Is Worth the Price

Honestly we were WOWED by Discovery Cove. It’s gorgeous, clean, entertaining, an amazing learning experience for both kids and adults, and you get a huge bang for your buck with all they offer at this “Day Resort” style venue which includes all your food and drink too!

 Snorkel in the Grand Reef

Snorkeling in The Grand Reef is incredible. There are over 7000 fish in the Grand Reef and about 150 different species to feast your eyes upon as you swim and snorkel. The water is so clear that even those that want to simply wade in the shallow areas will see a TON of fish and stingrays with their own naked eye.

Snorkels are included for free although as you can tell by my photos and videos that my kids opt for goggles. Being swim team kids it’s hard for them to change their breathing patterns so they just go with goggles for simplicity!

While snorkeling you’ll see tons of stingrays too! You can also even snorkel out into a special section where you can swim right up to a glass wall and you’ll see all kinds of sharks! If you don’t want to go into this section by swimming, you an also view the sharks from bridges above their special area. Very cool!

Visit a Bird Aviary & Feed Tropical Birds

The bird aviary was fantastic and tons of fun. We were able to feed birds right out of our hands! The kids loved it and I found it fascinating. All kinds of tropical birds – large and small and beautiful colors! You can even swim right up to the bird aviary if you are on the Wind-Away River lagoon and hop out to take a break and feed some creatures!

Swim with Dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon

Swimming with dolphins is not to be missed! You can read more details about my experience swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cover here.  This was probably the highlight of my children’s experience overall. If you choose not to swim with the dolphins, definitely visit the Dolphin Lagoon as you can watch the dolphins swim and even perform some tricks! They are beautiful creatures.

Unlimited Visits to Sea World included for 14 Days

Yup! Enough said. Talk about value. With your ticket purchase to Discovery Cove, you can visit Sea World unlimited times for 14 days surrounding your visit. Awesome!

This inclusion adds all kinds of value to your visit as Sea World has tons of activities for families with rides along with stellar animal encounters and shows that people of all ages will enjoy.

You can check out my list of 7 Must Do Attractions at Sea World here from a previous visit that my family had at the resort.

Unlimted Food all Day at Discovery Cove Day Resort

Discovery Cove is a Day Resort that’s basically all inclusive. Literally all your food and even alcohol is included. Breakfast and Lunch meals are included along with hearty snacks that my kids and I devoured!

The food was fantastic with a TON of choices at our buffet lunch. Snacks ranged from cookies, fresh fruit, frozen drinks to chips and even packaged Rice Krispie treats. Delicious!

Note: Discovery Cove was also able to accommodate my son’s gluten free dietary needs with a gluten free bun for his burger. He was thrilled!

Swim in the Wind Away River

This is a ton of fun! You can use a raft or a noodle or just swim along on your own in the beautiful Wind Away River. This wraps around the resort and has lots of shade thanks to the canopy of trees too. The water changes from shallow to deep at various points and the water is very clear so you can see all the river rock on the bottom. There are NOT any animals or fish in the Wind Away River. It’s truly a spot to relax and unwind and stay cool. The water here is kept heated at a warmer level too — more like 85 degrees- which feels AWESOME. (Since there aren’t any fish in the river they can keep the temperature warmer!)

Kids and parents rave about the Wind Away River. We absolutely LOVED IT too!

Freshwater Oasis: Visit Otters and Marmosets

For some more animal encounters, you can take a turn off the wind away river and check out the Otters and see little Marmosets. Cute! You can even swim up to a glass wall and go underwater to watch the otters swim too!

Check out pricing and full official details on Discovery Cove on their website here.

Note: Thanks to Discovery Cove and The Moms for paying travel expenses for myself and one child to visit Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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