7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

With spring time on the horizon, I know so many of us are starting to come out of our winter shell and ready to get back to the sunshine, warmth, and feeling good! Maybe your wondering where to start, I always like to tell people to start from the INSDIE out.  How about 7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism!

7 ways to boost your meta

If you feel like your metabolism has slowed down, but have no fear – I have 7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism // get your body to burn calories more efficiently doesn’t require being in a gym seven days a week. ( even though I will say, I think weight lifting helps and I’ll tell you why! )

7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

So where to start? Check out these 7 Ways To Get The Boost:

1. Load up on healthy fats!
Dark chocolate, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, natural peanut butter, nuts, flax seed, salmon.

2. Drink UP!
Water, water, water: One of the hardest things to get down, but I have a few of my favorites to help drink more water {{ check here }} According to WebMD, after drinking 17oz of water, the metabolism speeds up 30% within 10 minutes. And reaches it’s maximum boost after 30-40 minutes.
Lemon Water

3. Eat plenty:
I am a huge fan of eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day, rather then 3 square meals. I find that doing it this way, really keeps me full, various eats, and….. I rev my metabolism all day long! Eating this way will have you burning fat all day long 🙂 #Winning

4. Sleeping beauty:
One thing I think many of us “forget” is getting enough sleep. When you have the proper amount of sleep your body runs properly for the day. When sleep deprived, your body metabolism slows down, uses less energy, and can cause many to binge later. Getting enough sleep = the ripple effect to many things in our bodies!

5. DON’T be restrictive:
It’s the opposite of what we are taught, but I can’t stress this enough! Avoid delights that are under 1300-1500 calories a day. So many of us are taught to be restrictive to lose weight, when really doing so, we end up hanging onto weight more.

6. Eat more:
{{ yes! }} like #5, we shouldn’t be restrictive. being restrictive makes your body go into flight or fight mode and create stress on the body, which will hinder your LONG term wealth goals.

Check out these various foods to incorporate into your diet.
Foods to boost meta

7. Show me your muscle:
Not only does muscle weigh more than fat, but it uses more energy, too. The average woman in her 30s who strength-trains 30 to 40 minutes twice a week for four months will increase her resting metabolism by 100 calories a day. Which means even when your resting, you are still burin’.

Here’s an idea on how to use some
fat burning boosting foods!

> Start your morning with green tea.
> Try a fat blasting breakfast // Ezekiel toast + avocado + little salt and pepper + topped with hot sauce!
> Snack happy! Try eating nuts, dark chocolate, apple and almond butter, cucumbers & hummus, cottage cheese with honey.
> lunch: Turkey wrap & grape fruit.
> Dinner: Salmon, paired with some veggies ( spinach, broccoli, etc) & rice.

You can fan your metabolism’s flames in just minutes a day by adopting these research-backed habits to your latest routine! What are some of your favorite health hacks to get back in the swing of things?

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