77Kids Do Good Day

Last week, Kenzie and Kyle (with some help from Mom!)  brought their youth and creativity to a local nursing home to brighten the day for elderly patients. What an experience.

Kenzie and Kyle did a great job participating in a sing a long of lots of nursery rhymes, drawing pictures for residents, handing out flowers, and participating  in a bean bag competition with each other & the residents.

The kids really enjoyed themselves and they especially liked my explanation for our visit — we were visiting these old people in the hopes that other children far away are visiting their 93 year old Great Aunt Kay who lives in a nursing home in Florida – that we are unable to visit.

Our visit was inspired by our participation in a brilliant event to “Do Good” which was sponsored by 77Kids, a new line of clothing stores created by American Eagle for little kids. In 7 cities across the US, a total of 77 bloggers (11 in each city) came up with own ideas on how to spread cheer or do good deeds in their community.

Our Philly team decided visiting a nursing home would be a special experience. It was beyond special. Seeing the residents was both a reminder how precious our youth truly is and that the simple smiles and gestures of our children can ignite memories in all of us.

Afterwards, the kids and I went to our local mall with Whitney & Cole from Mommies with Style to hand out “Do Good” $1 bills to shoppers to inspire them to do good. That was a rather interesting experience. They were genuine dollar bills but I guess we live in a suspect society. People were very suspicious of 2 moms and 3 kids walking around offering free money with a pamphlet of Do Good ideas and a 77Kids coupon. Seriously, many people turned our money away or took it and then gave it back. Next year, we’ll be sure to instead set up a booth maybe at local restaurant or ice cream stand so they realize we are little more official and not handing them deadly cash.

Disclosure: 77Kids sponsored this campaign and post for the 77 bloggers participating in Do Good Day.

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