8 Must Do Activities at Disney’s Animal Kingdom #ZootopiaEvent

Ready to ROAR! Check out our 8 Must Do Activities at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to celebrate the Disney’s new Zootopia Movie – which is now in theaters everywhere and is an absolute MUST SEE movie! Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks to visit when at Disney and I especially love that it appeals to all ages – from the littlest toddlers to the grandparents. Who doesn’t life wildlife and going on a real Safari to see animals in their natural setting??? And this summer, Animal Kingdom park will comes alive at night roaring and soaring with magic into the night with nighttime safaris for the 1st time ever and a new NIGHT TIME spectacular show called River’s of Light. I am ecstatic to make plans to visit again so my family can cover all these new experiences! So if you’ve never been to Animal Kingdom or need a refresher – here’s my quick 8 Must Do Activities at Disney’s Animal Kingdom below: 

8 Must Do Activities at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1. Kilamanjaro Safari Ride

This is the MAIN attraction at Animal Kingdom and NOT to be missed. Fast Pass this ride as all ages will love it and go wild appreciating the stunning wildlife as you hit the Safari – Disney style! Giraffes, Lions, Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos and so much more! I always love the Hippos too!

image005 (1)




Love this baby elephant too!

8 Must Do Activities at Disney's Animal Kingdom2. Tree of Life

Love it! This is the focal point and center of Animal Kingdom with all the various areas sort of surrounding it. Did you know there is even an attraction inside the Tree of Life? It’s a really cute show called “A Bug’s Life” that is totally worth seeing if you have the time. If not, be sure to at least take all your fabulous photos with the tree of life backdrop!!

IMG_3128.JPG (Caution: If you have really little kids like under 3 they may be nervous durning 1 scene when the theater  in the Bug’s Life show gets completely pitch black – when my tots were only just 1 and 3 they freaked out and were very nervous for about 30 seconds during this dark scene!)

3. The Finding Nemo Musical

You will LOVE the Finding Nemo live stage show. It’s a fantastic musical with amazing props as the beloved Nemo tale is retold in a quick 45 minutes. My kids loved it on our very 1st Disney visit 7 years ago. I hadn’t seen it since as we’ll often hit Animal Kingdom and do a whirlwind half day so this past trip I went to see the show and interview the cast afterwards. I fell in love with it all over again! It has been playing since 2006 too and it’s so good it’s still going! Check out my interview clip here:

4.  Festival of the Lion King

This show has it ALL – we’re talking acrobatics, dancing over fire, floats, characters, a total African vibe and of course the beautiful music of the Lion King. It’s like seeing a mini Lion King musical and is a fantastic show for all ages!!!


5.  Ride Expedition Everest

This thrill ride roller coaster is an absolute Disney Must Do.  Expedition Everest is located in the “Asia” section of Animal Kingdom and when you step into Asia you’ll feel like your hanging out in Nepal with a gorgeous backdrop of Mt. Everest. Here I am with my family on a visit 2 years ago – as you can tell it is a picturesque view!

FullSizeRender (21)

8 Must Do Activities at Disney's Animal Kingdom

I profess I’m terrified of Expedition Everest as I don’t like giant drops. I’ll do Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain but that’s my “Mom” limit! My daughter is nervous for big drops too but her Dad and brother convinced her to ride Expedition Everest last year and she ended up falling in love with the ride and going on it again and again.

Although by the look on her face riding Everest – you can see her TERROR! She is a riot and goes wild on every thrill ride but also loves it and asks to ride over and over again!!! Hilarious! She is all about the scream on her roller coaster rides!

8 Must Do Activities at Disney's Animal Kingdom

6. Visit Dinoland USA & ride the “Dark Dinosaur Ride”

Dinoland is so much fun for little kids and everyone else. It’s like a big amusement park with all kinds of rides for smaller children along with one thrill ride, called the DINOSAUR ride. My family is crazy about this ride. You basically pretend to go back in time to prehistoric days in a ‘time rover’ to save a a dinosaur from extinction. 40 inches or taller for this one but it isn’t too scary for me as there are no giant drops – just twists and turns in the dark with all kinds of fun special effects and dinos looming everywhere.

Dark Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom

7. Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch

If you have a full day at Animal Kingdom, check out the Wildlife Express and visit Rafiki’s Watch. Many families will definitely have more time at Animal Kingdom now with the introduction of the nighttime safaris and the new Rivers of Light show coming this summer, so this is the perfect extra attraction to include in your itinerary. Hitting Rafiki’s Watch is a great opportunity to learn more about animals, conservation, and get up close to animals – plus it includes a train ride — just say train and all children will be shouting with joy!



While we were at Animal Kingdom we enjoyed the Backstage Safari Tour. Anyone can arrange for this private tour – it’s about $99 and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.  During the in-depth program, you will get an insider’s look at conservation, animal nutrition and medicine, animal care and behavioral studies. Highlights include visits to the backstage animal housing area, the Animal Nutrition Center, the Veterinary Hospital and an experience on Kilimanjaro Safaris. I loved seeing the area where the Elephants live and learning more about how the caretakers handle all the animals and develop relationships with them.

At the Conservation Center there is also a cool area dedicated to Zootopia. Really neat too as they have all kinds of info on the background of the movie and how characters were developed in shape, size, and more!



8. Night Time at Animal Kingdom!

Starting this summer, there will be an AMAZING night time show that will be like no other Disney show. Lights projected into the sky, fountains, and water and that glorious backdrop of Mt. Everest and the Tree of Life!

I am pining after this new show and am definitely anxious to visit Animal Kingdom again to give a full report back on their new evening show. Each new Disney innovation is always a WONDER! When it comes to nighttime events I find their evening shows to be beyond spectacular, so I presume this will be outstanding too. Word on the street is that it is incredible! I  can’t wait to see the new Magic Disney’s Animal Kingdom has up their sleeves to WOW us all while paying homage to the heritage  and feel of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

animal kingdom rivers of light

Take a Peek at the Zootopia Trailer

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Thanks to Walt Disney Animation Studios for inviting me to attend the Zootopia press junket and covering my travel expenses. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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