8 Tips To Get Swimsuit Ready

Spring is finally gracing us with its extra sun light, flowers blooming and that urge to get back into routine!  Which I think after being coped up all winter, trying to get back into the swing of things can be a little rough and soon enough summer will be here!  We’ve got you covered on a few easy tips to get back into the swing of things and swim suit ready! Check out our 8 Tips To Get Swimsuit Ready to help you prep for that summer body!

8 Tips To Get Swimsuit Ready

  8 Tips To Get Swimsuit Ready


8 Tips For Getting Swim Suit Ready:

1. Water water water: Water is one of the most important items to add into your routine, because a lot of times we confuse hunger for thirst. We want to hit half our body weight in ounces with water a day! Check out the benefits of drinking lemon water.

Lemon Water

2. Don’t skip breakfast! A lot of people want to skip breakfast because they think they will be saving on calories. But really, your slowing down your metabolism + not giving your brain fuel. But believe it or not, eating breakfast can keep you healthier — and trimmer! One of my favorites is a quick breakfast protein shake that keeps me full, alert, and ready to take on the day!IMG_3184

3. Snack smart: I love to keep snacks in my bag because lets face it, when your hangry and there is nothing around you will eat anything you can get your hands on! Some of my favorites –> almonds, apple + almond butter, protein balls, hard boiled eggs, clean Greek yogurt, veggies and hummus.
Protein Balls
4. Get moving! Even if its an after dinner walk, 15 minutes of stretching or even jumping on an trampoline.. whatever it is, move. Release those happy endorphins!

5. Go to bed early: Getting that proper amount of sleep does many things for our bodies and health! More alert, better mood, better weight control & stronger immune system.

6. Grab a friend! I have so much more fun being healthy and active when I am doing it with friends. Plus we keep each other accountable.
7. Make it a date: Grab your friend, family member, spouse and make it a date. This way its on both of your calendars. No backing out now 😉

8. Work on eating lean/ clean/ and green meals:  Big green luscious salads, grains ( I love barley, couscous, brown rice) swap out white bread for wheat or try a lettuce wrap! Smoothies, lean protein. >> Make a Pinterest board to create healthy recipes.

This dinner came together in NO time and is totally lean, clean & green!

With these tips, in no time they will become part of your daily routine and ritual. I am all about small steps, because I think small shifts in our health create a larger impact 🙂

What is one of your { swim suit } ready tips?

8 Tips To Get Swimsuit Ready

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