A Day at The Apple Orchard

Seize the day when you can……

Life is so busy sometimes it’s hard to find the time to take those little junkets to explore beyond the backyard.

So off to the apple orchard we went this weekend so the kids could experience picking their very own apples for the 1st time.

We’re trying to savor all those moments with Kenzie and Kyle as they are the ideal age where they are excited to go on adventures with their parents and thrilled with simply every opportunity we offer them. So off to the orchard we went so the kids could experience picking their very own apples! We went to Highland Orchards in Downingtown, it was fabulous.Certainly a bit crowded since it was a prime fall weekend afternoon, but it was manageable. My kids loved riding in an open air truck out to the fields and then chowing down on fresh baked hot from the oven Apple Cider donuts post picking.

The kids have never been to an apple orchard, so it was super fun for them and of course, seeing everything through a child’s eyes makes it all the more magical for Mom and Dad.

Both kids loved the Tree to Mouth experience in the orchard and later that day devoured the apple crisp we baked with all our spoils.

The weather on this past Sunday was beautiful – one of those perfect Fall days. Clear blue skies, a nice breeze, crisp and slightly cool in the morning and perfectly warm in the afternoon without being too hot. ┬áSo happy we took the extra effort to create a special memory. And it was a great reminder that we need to keep doing this type of family activity while the kids will still be enthusiastic about it!

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