A Day with my 93 year old Great Aunt Kay

We took a day off Disney to drive to Clearwater and spend the afternoon with my Great Aunt Kay. The kids were marvelous and actually nothing less than angelic. After enduring the long 2 hour car ride there, they managed to perfectly behave and somehow have a grand old time at the nursing home. From kissing strangers to smiling at everyone the did it all to brighten everyone’s day. Kyle even shared his pirate gold with his new 102 year old friend!




2 thoughts on “A Day with my 93 year old Great Aunt Kay”

  1. What a special day for Aunt Kay! so glad the kids were so good too. I am sure she will remember this very special time you spent with her.

  2. These photos are super sweet! I love that Kenzie’s hair is still up in that famous princess bun. 🙂

    Did the hotel track down your luggage? What park are you at today? Know that we’re thinking of you (and very seriously considering a stop in PA).

    We did a volunteer project this morning at the Sunshine Foundation and are getting caught up on some work here at the 5th wheel this afternoon. We changed our “date” with Universal Studios to Thursday…

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