A Disney Princess Canopy

So Disney decided to close about 90 stores across the country (or so I heard)…. call it bad luck or good fortune for me, but the Disney store at my local mall was one of these casualties. While at the mall, my Mom and I with both kids in tow decided to try to score a few items at steep discounts despite the wild crowds full of Moms rummaging items with their toddlers, strollers, and preschoolers – obvioulsy we fit right into the crowd!
We saw a lady checking out with this cool Disney Princess canopy. I never would have bought it for $50 – especially as I would have presumed it would look cheesy. She told us the price was $7.99. My Mom and I figured we’d try it out – even if we only left it up for a week or two we figured Mackenzie would get a real thrill if we turned her bed into a “Princess” bed. The top circular portion profiles 4 famed Disney Princesses including – Jasmine, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Well as you can tell from this photo – I think the canopy actually truly looks enchanting and adds a real touch of little girl to her bedroom. So it looks like this magical canopy will be up for ages much to the delight of my 2 year old and me too! Honestly, it is so cute, looking at it now I think I would have paid $150 if I knew then what I know now!

And this $7.99 Disney Canopy purchase now surpasses my previous best buy for the summer of $13.98 at Target – for an Ariel shimmery polyester nightgown that Mackenzie has worn and still wears almost every day often to our chargrin! Well worth every penny for the sheer joy she gets out of it – we just need to set daily rules on when and where she is allowed to go out in public in this nightgown!

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