A Fabulous "Mom's Night In" for Philly Bloggers

What a night! Over 20 Mom bloggers, entrepreneurs & writers from the Philadelphia region were treated to a classic Role Mommy event – “Mom’s Night In” which was sponsored by Slendertone. Thanks to you both for this incredible escape! And for those who couldn’t make it we missed you and hope you’ll enjoy the pics and this cool video montage Role Mommy created for us. The kids and I make a cute appearance near the end of the video – and as Alice in Wonderland is the flavor of the week, Mackenzie is dressed accordingly!

Role Mommy Presents Mom’s Night In…Philadelphia! from Beth Feldman on Vimeo.

I’m still recuperating from all the pampering as this truly was an event created just for Moms. Coincidentally, I hosted this soiree from the comforts of my own home – which was magically transformed into a virtual spa. And as you can imagine, while watching 2 kids 3 & under, Mom doesn’t usually have much time to primp and pamper herself so this evening was divine. While we enjoyed the usual appetizers and wine & mixed and mingled, we also could divulge in a massage, manicure or a fresh look from a Make-Up Artist. Thanks to Calista Grand, a local spa in the Philly suburbs, my nails look trendy in that stylish purple splash all the movie stars seem to have nowadays!

And even little Mackenzie found the event thrilling…. she delighted in her first official manicure and even had a “makeover.” Really, it was just a dusting of blush and brushes, but she was beyond impressed.
We all left with swag bags for free Manicures too along with the opportunity to keep our favorite Slendertone product after we tested them out at our leisure during the party. We had the chance to talk to Bev, founder of SaneFit, about how Slendertone, an FDA approved medical device, can fit into our healthy lifestyle to provide us with a little more “fitness” and “toning” while we might be running around the house chasing after kids, sitting at our laptops, or loading the dishwasher. You still need to exercise & eat healthy obviously, but the idea is that this is one more tool for your fitness arsenal and healthy lifestyle. I’m no expert, but basically you can control the stimulation of the device (arms, butt, abs) to the threshold that is right for you (remember no pain no gain!) and go about your business for 20 minutes while your muscles contract and relax and ideal tone just the way we’d desire. Very cool! They also had a fabulous “Revive” device that really is for a recovery type situation to help tired and tight muscles relax. Thanks to all the Philly Mom Bloggers for making this such a fabulous party. Can’t wait till we all meet up again. There is nothing like stepping away from the laptop to network and enjoy real life interactions with all these Mama’s who revel in social media like myself. Nothing beats connecting in person. If you’re a Philly Mom with a blog and would like to connect for events or online networking, please drop me an email as we’d love to add you to our growing list of Philly Moms.

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