A Fairy Tale Day with Rapunzel

Really. Today was a fairy tale. A day I’ll remember forever.

Mix London with perfect sunny warm weather and top it off with a free Disney Princess procession – complete with horse drawn carriages – attended by thousands of people .

And let’s not forget the biggest event of the day – the crowning of Rapunzel.

100 girls from some 25 countries flew into London to attend Rapunzel’s giant star studded celebration. Attendees were able to watch her crowning as Rapunzel was welcomed into the Disney Princess Royal Court as the 10th Disney Princess.

Truly this was the experience of a lifetime for the little girls that attended this extra special event.

Here’s some quick snapshots from my iPhone of the highlights and a super duper brief recap.

Celeb Mom Nicole Richie attended with her cuties and hubby Joel Madden too. We sipped fizzy pink lemonades and all the little kids were entertained brilliantly by Disney – no one does entertainment like Disney. Before and after the crowning kids were treated to all sorts of fun activities – my Mackenzie and Kyle would have devoured every second of it and I was thrilled to see so many little kids living it up and experiencing the Disney magic.

Pixie dust was in the air along with face painting, hair braiding, lantern making and more. And let’s not forget that each of these cuties was able to see every single princess all in one spot at the same time. Spectacular!

Disclosure: Disney paid my travel expenses to London so I could take part in this historic celebration. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.













5 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale Day with Rapunzel”

  1. It sounds awesome Colleen!! But I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have let you bring Mackenzie and Kyle… I admit, I’m lost by that.
    The thought that Disney would bring you but not your kids is a little disturbing rather than encouraging. 🙁

  2. OMG, my 5yo and I entered every contest we could to try to nab tickets for this (and we’re currently living only3 hours away). I agree – I don’t know WHY they didn’t let you bring your girls!!!!

    So. Jealous.

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