A Family Portrait – Preschool Style

Here’s our little artist’s sketch of her extended family. I love it! Kenzie, otherwise known as the 4 year old artist, quickly whipped together this portrait of her Nana, Poppy, brother and herself while we were on vacation.

This photo doesn’t do Kenzie’s masterpiece justice as it is a bit tough to see the details – like glasses, sideburns, and outfits on everyone with flair for Nana and her – a heart pin & a flower pin on their collars.
Very proud of her work. This girl is serious when it comes to pen & paper. She could draw all day if we let her.

2 thoughts on “A Family Portrait – Preschool Style”

  1. That is AMAZING for a 4 y/o! I'm impressed, my 4 y/o loves to draw, but isn't nearly that detailed. You have a budding artist on your hands.

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