A Glorious 26 hours in Ocean City, New Jersey

We absolutely adore taking our kids to the shore. We love it, the kids love it, and we SUPER LOVE seeing the kids have so much fun in the surf, sand, and on the Boardwalk.

Our schedules have been really busy and didn’t allow for the classic 1 week family vacation to the Jersey shore, but we couldn’t imagine not going to the beach with the kids – so we decided our best bet to get to the Jersey shore was a quick overnight mini vacation. We more than made the most of our 24 hours in Ocean City as it is the perfect place to go for 1 night to very quickly experience EVERYTHING for that total shore vacation.

They both loved every second of the trip and as a parent a quick 2 hour drive to Ocean City from Philadelphia for a 1 night trip is so much easier than traveling by plane or juggling kids for 10+ days away from home.

We rode the Ferris Wheel as a family for the very 1st time. The kids thought it was the best thing ever. And all the amusements were incredible for the kids – their joy was magnificent.

And we visited all our favorite Boardwalk jaunts. From Mack & Manco Pizza to Kohr Brothers. But Mack & Manco is now called Manco & Manco – the pizza tastes just as delicious but I can not call it Manco & Manco – it just feels wrong – don’t you think?

Of course the kids loved the sand and waves. Kenzie could jump waves for 10 hours straight and Kyle loves to attempt to Boogie Board. Super cute!












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