A list for Santa

Is this not the cutest list for Santa ever?

Note the top item on Kenzie’s list and the only thing she REALLY wants – a baby stapler. Hopefully, Santa will deliver. Kenzie worked very hard to write this list for Santa Claus so she could show it to the “REAL” Santa that resides on weekends at Gardner’s Nursery in Chester Springs.

Here they are reviewing the list.

If you’ve never been, this guy is incredible and we’ve decided he is the REAL deal. It’s free to visit too and you can take all the photos you’d like.

Kyle was adorable with Santa too. Asking him questions about our house elf Charlie and asking Santa for a real big Fire Truck.

Plus, he really knows the kids somehow and always says just the right thing to keep them believing as he talks about them listening to their Mommy and referring to Charlie our Elf on the Shelf like an old friend.

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