A Little Encouragement

No one wants to be that “Parent” who pressures their kids, but on the flip side, sometimes our children need encouragement when it comes to trying new things. Especially when they’re little. We all know new social situations can be scary. And trying out a new sport or competing for the first time can be really nerve wracking – even as adults! So, we’ve decided to do our best to encourage our kids and give them a little push to give a few of those healthy activities a go.
Here’s Kenzie just before she turned 3 participating in a little kids 200 Meter run that followed up a road race in our community that her Dad would be competing in. She was excited about her race number but incredibly wary and nervous about the event. Although she could run all day non-stop, the concept of a “race” really scared her as she knew she was venturing into the unknown. But with our convincing words, she gave it a go despite her fears.

And they’re off! She had a blast running although got a bit lost during the course as the 3 and under set didn’t understand the entire idea of running around a cone. Kenzie headed straight for the McDonald’s up the street and the Race director has to chase her down. Very cute. Growing up my Parents did the same for me when it came to introducing me to new sports, believing in me, and teaching me that giving it my best try and having fun was all that mattered. And in the end, just like these girls, I was usually all smiles!
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