A Rite of Passage….

And so it begins. It may only be the end of the preschool era, but it’s the 1st of many big life milestones. Tomorrow is the big “graduation”, but today marked the last real day of school. I think I’m somewhat heartbroken over my baby growing up so fast and leaving her enchanted preschool- a place I’m somehow connected to in a way I can’t explain. Maybe it’s some genetic thing since i learned last year i have direct ancestors from 300 years ago buried in the churchyard where we play daily after school. But maybe St. Peter’s is really just a very special place…..Where else can children frolic and picnic in a grave yard?





4 thoughts on “A Rite of Passage….”

  1. wow..i know the feeling…my daughter, Laci, just graduated preschool (HeadStart) last week. She will go to Kindergarten in the fall. She is growing up so fast! Wish I could freeze time! She and her little sister, who is 3yrs old, are getting so big & growing up so fast! Of course for their siblings, who are 16 and 18..welll I wish they would just grow up already!! LOL My littlest is going to go to HeadStart (PreSchool) in the fall too..so I will have the house to MYSELF lol I am looking forward to that! But will miss my lil buddy!!

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