A runner’s man-cave

There’s nothing quite like a forced 1 month break from running (calf injury – again) to get the creative juices flowing. Being sidelined during the peak running season with Fall approaching is basically torture. How to channel all that extra, non-training time on my hands? Well, build a runner’s man-cave, of course.

IMG_6687 (1)

IMG_6618 (1)

IMG_6612 (1)

IMG_6648 (1)

IMG_6608 (1)

IMG_6613 (1)

IMG_6619 2 (1)

IMG_6642 (1)

IMG_6616 (1)

IMG_6615 3 (1)

IMG_6614 2 (1)

IMG_6609 (1)

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  1. What product is the full wall runners banner? Is that a custom vinyl banner? or a adhesive banner? How’d you mount it to the wall?

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