A winning night at the Dogwood Festival

There’s nothing like a local summer fair. We hopped over to Phoenxiville’s annual Dogwood Festival on Thursday evening for a fun night out with the kids. The excitement of the crowds and the transformation of our ordinary park into a giant carnival atmosphere was thrilling for my kids.


The expressions of pure joy on my children’s faces was priceless and non-stop during our 90 minutes of glorious fun.


And we’re still living the Dogwood Dreams after our surprise win of a goldfish at the fair on Kyle’s very last Ping Pong Ball toss. The kids are beyond ecstatic with the new life in our home and the fact that they now officially own a REAL LIVE PET.


Introducing…. GOLDIE KAY DOGWOOD. Named Goldie by Kyle, middle name Kay by Kenzie in honor of Great Aunt Kay and Kenzie’s own middle name Kay, and I had the privilege of selecting the last name – Dogwood, in honor of the Dogwood Festival where we won the little guy.

Let’s pray Goldie lives a long life as the kiddos are very attached and each night swap turns sleeping with his little fishbowl in their room



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