Genius & Affordable Tech Gift Idea for the Kids: Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1 Intel® Celeron® #UnwrapAmazingIntel

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Who is looking for an Affordable Tech Gift Idea for the Kids? When it comes to holiday gifts for my kids, I love gifting them presents  that they’ll love but will also get a ton of use day in and day out now but ideally longer term too. Enter this genius and affordable tech gift idea for kids, the Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1, Intel® Celeron®. You can shop Intel-®based devices at Walmart here and read on to see why we love this tech product for both our 10 and 12 year old!



Gifting the Dell Inspirion 2-in-1 Laptop and Tablet for the Win!

You can tell my daughter is SO thrilled with this new device. As a middle school student, she’s needing the flexibility of technology that allows her to do schoolwork and projects, research on the Internet, and just surf for pleasure online or on social media.


When it comes to the 2-in-1, it’s literally both a tablet and a laptop. It even has a touchscreen in Tablet mode. Can you say AMAZING???  Toggling between both orientations is ultra easy too. Hooray!

And when you toggle between modes, you can see when you go to  the tablet mode you have a real touchscreen! So fabulous! You can scroll with your fingers on the screen and of course use the pop up keyboard on the touchscreen when you need to type.


The Dell 11 Inspirion 2-in-1 is ultra lightweight as well and as you see in the photos below and above, it has a 360 degree hinge so you can move the screen however you’d like – tent mode to watch a movie, totally flat like below to surf the web or social media, and of course position the computer in the classic laptop mode when it’s time to hit the homework and type up some reports for School or answer emails for work!


The battery life is long and this device offers so much flexibility and the price of $249 is a wonder! Whomever you choose to gift this tech will love the flexibility, functionality, and convenience of a highly powerful processor that adapts to whatever computing needs you have.

Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1, Intel® Celeron® Video Review

Here’s a video of Kenzie and I showing you the kids new 2-in-1 laptop and tablet. Take a peek!

Affordable Tech Gift Idea for the Kids

Only $249 at Walmart for the Dell Inspirion 2-in-1

You can pick up this fantastic 2-in-1 latop and tablet product at Walmart for only $249! When it comes to a gift with a giant return, this is so EASY on the wallet!   I think this is an incredible price point for a gift that will keep on giving every day to your loved ones! From school projects, to surfing the web, to scrolling social media or streaming videos on Netflix, this Dell Inspirion 2-in-1

Intel official image

Official Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1, Intel® Celeron® Product Specifications

  • Intel® Celeron® processor
  • Intel® HD Graphics
  • 2GB memory
  • 360-degree hinge 2-in-1 design (laptop mode, tablet mode, and modes in between)
  • Vibrant HD resolution (1366×768) display provides crips, bright image on-screen and is easy to position for clear viewing.
  • Touchscreen display
  • Windows 10

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We are so excited to be gifting this 2-in-1 to my daughter and son this holiday season. Who would you purchase this 2-in-1 for on your holiday list?

Learn more and shop more amazing Intel® powered products here


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  1. This is very unique type of tech gift. Tablet is very wonderful invention. You can see when you go to the tablet mode you have a real touchscreen! So fabulous! This is amazing post.

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