Video Demo of Amazing Zhus Magician Pets #TheAmazingZhus

HOT TOY alert! You can pre-order these Amazing Zhus Pets from Walmart now. If the past predicts the future, then we suspect these are going to be one of this year’s most wanted toys as kids went wild for Zhu Zhu pets a few years ago but the Amazing Zhus are WAY cooler, more fun, and definitely more amazing!


Amazing Zhus offer both “Stunt” pets along with Magician Pets. My kids are excited about both of them and Kenzie was sent an entire kit to test out and demonstrate. So far she’s been loving her Magician Pet the Great Zhu who comes with a magic wand that he follows around and he performs magic tricks when you present him with a magic card. Pretty sweet huh?

Video Demo of Amazing Zhus Magician Pets

Take a peek at Kenzie demonstrating her Amazing Zhu “The Great Zhu” doing some tricks this morning before school.

This magician pet is on sale now at Walmart (pre -orders only at this point!) for $29.97. The stunt pets go for only $12.97 if you want a less expensive option, however, the kids are going wild for these magic tricks 🙂

Here is a photo of the Great Zhu magician pet. There is also a “girl” version of the Magician Madame Zhu who is purple.




Note: Thanks to Cepia for sending Kenzie the brand new line of Amazing Zhus for her to demo and test out and showcase on her own blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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