American Girl Crafts from Historical Characters

Take a peek at these engaging crafty creations from American Girl.


Each new craft is based on a specific Historical Character and generally inspired by a craft from that doll’s time period – think stitching a pillow for Felicity. Everything from painting a jewelry box to designing cute hair bows and bands – inspired by Kit Kittredge of course. Love it!

Ages 8 + but some of these are more simple than others – my daughter is almost 6 1/2 and with my help she can’t wait to dive into these kits. The boxes are labeled really nicely too so you can tell if each kit has only 1 product to make or a few – in which case it is great for an American Girl inspired playdate where each girl can design their own piece of jewelry and so on.

Take a peek at the American Girl Craft collection in our video here:

These can be purchased at either or Prices range from $16.99-$21.99.

Disclosure: Thanks to American Girl for sending these samples to facilitate our review.


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