American Girl Doll Pinball Machine Photos and Video

Check out American Girl Julie’s Pinball Machine! We’ve got first look photos and video of the American Girl Doll Pinball Machine that we captured in person during our demo at the TTPM Toy Show in New York City last week.¬† Julie’s Pinball Machine from American Girl is super cool and this doll sized pinball machine works just like an actual pinball machine so you can really play pinball with it too! The American Girl Pinball Machine¬†will be available on sale October 1st, 2019 in American Girl stores nationwide and at

American Girl Doll Pinball Machine Photos and Video

Priced at $150 this pinball machine has all the bells and whistles of a REAL arcade pinball machine since it is a WORKING pinball machine – only it’s mini sized! So dolls can enjoy pretend play while us Mamas and our daughters can also play a game of pinball!

American Girl Doll Pinball Machine

The doll sized version works just like a regular game and features flashing lights, a digital scorekeeper, a plungers to launch the metal ball and buttons to control the flipper arms so you can play pinball yourself!

Construction and Function of the American Girl Pinball Machine

Julie’s Pinball Machine is named “The Flip Side” and is made of real metal and wood. Pinball was super popular in the 1970’s so it’s only fitting that Julie would eventually have her own pinball machine!

Features include:

  • Flashing Lights
  • Digital Scorekeeper and Board
  • Flipper Arms on each side to control the ball & game play
  • Realistic Machine Sounds
  • Groovy Bright Colors to fit the mood of the 1970’s


American Girl Doll Pinball Machine

Isn’t this Pinball Machine so cute from American Girl? I’m dying for it! I especially love how this will appeal to older tween and teen American Girl fans since they can really play Pinball with it too!

American Girl Pinball Machine

Lifestyle Photos Showcasing Julie’s Pinball Machine

Check out more photos of Julie’s Pinball Machine. As always, I’m loving the vibe and style of her 1970’s fashion sense too!

American Girl Julies Pinball Machine


Julie's Pinball Machine


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