American Girl Just Like You Doll

This Mommy splurged on Mackenzie’s 4th birthday gift and will be surprising her this evening with her 1st "American Girl" doll. Kenzie has been pining and obsessing over the American Girl catalog for 5 months now and vacillating between wanting Chrissa or a Just Like You Doll. We went with this "Just like You" model as Kenzie has brown eyes and brown hair with no bangs. I would have preferred the light skin tone but the only combination had medium skin. In the catalog, the medium skin looks lighter than in person for sure but I was prepared for this issue as I read about it online. I went through many debates over which skin tone to order. In the end, after chatting with friends and reading reviews, it seemed that sacrificing skin tone made more sense than sacrificing the correct hairstyle. We’ll see what Kenzie thinks of her very first American Girl. However, I don’t know how the actual real life doll will compete with her obsessive love affair with what is now a totally tattered American Girl Catalog. Honestly, I think I would have paid the $95 price of a doll for the free catalog given the amount of enjoyment and entertainment it has given her! Let’s hope she loves it! Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $95

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