American Girl Kanani Giveaway

I am SOOO excited about the American Girl 2011 Girl of the Year, Kanani Akina from the lush tropical paradise of Hawaii. Here we are enjoying her story at bedtime. Aloha style!

Kanani’s story is all about sharing the Aloha Spirit and she is a gorgeous doll.  Her best feature is this ultra long hair that is just beautiful. And we’re giving a Kanani Doll away to one lucky reader! Entry details below.

I also really love her beads and having gone to Hawaii for my honeymoon this entire doll makes me sentimental and wistful wishing I could return to Hawaii again!  Despite the doll’s beauty, as you’ll see from this video, my 5 year old Mackenzie is most interested in the story – which really is the heart of American Girl. This is the first American Girl storybook we’ve ever read and my  Mackenzie is enthralled by the book. We are half way through me reading this “chapter” style book aloud to my daughter and she can’t enough of it.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Available for only one year, Kanani will launch with two books that tell her story, a beautiful 18-inch Kanani doll, and an array of fun accessories.

To further engage girls, American Girl is introducing a national campaign in support of Kanani and her story’s inspirational message, including interactiveKanani retail events, Kanani and Me E-cards, and a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation® (NWF), a national nonprofit that has more than 70 years of experience fostering a connection to wildlife and nature in Americans of all ages.

Entry details are below – each counts as one entry! Contest ends January 22nd, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST.

1. Leaving a comment below by January 22nd, 2011 about why you want to win Kanani.

2. Tweet this message: “Hope I win American Girl Kannai from @classymommy!  RT to Enter #contest #giveaway”.

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Disclosure: American Girl provided us with this Kanani doll to facilitate our review and they are providing us with another Kanani doll to giveaway to a reader. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

570 thoughts on “American Girl Kanani Giveaway”

  1. Definately would love to win this doll for my 3 girls who would love to have an American Girl doll with long beautiful hair like the Kanani doll.

  2. I would love to win Kanani for my daughter Samantha. She loves dolls, and takes one with her wherever she goes. She;s only 3, but she babies her dolls so much. It would be a wonderful Christmas present for 2011!

  3. I would love to win this for my 4 year old daughter as she will be taking Hawaiian style dance next fall and loves learning about other cultures.

  4. I would love to win Kanani because I have two daughters who love American Girl Dolls and the stories they each have. This would be a great win that they could share together. Thank you for the chance!

  5. I would love to win for my daughter Emily. She is a quarter Hawaiian and I think it would be a wonderful way to showcase that part of her heritage.

  6. I’m a newsletter subscriber!

    I was so excited when I got the AG catalog and saw Kanani as the Girl of the Year. She is beautiful! I was planning on getting one for my daughter’s 5th birthday so I would love to win one!!

  7. My daughters would love this doll. She reallyis a great example of our Pacific islander heritage! What a blessing it would be to win! ….PS I’m signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  8. I would love to win this for my daughter. She got the American Girl bitty twins for Christmas and lots of doll furniture. This would be a great addition to her collection as a birthday present. We are “beach” people and would love to someday go to Hawaii, but the closest we have been is the Polynesian at Disney 🙂 We love to buy the accessories to go with the doll.

  9. What a cool giveaway! I grew up with an American Girl Doll and would love my daughters to as well. I like how they include all kinds of dolls, not just one! This doll is oh so sweet too!

  10. It would be great to win this doll for my only granddaughter! She just started a great collection of doll furniture accessories for Christmas!

  11. I have a 14 year old daughter that had 2 American girls dolls and for Christmas last year she gave her favorite one (Elizabeth) to her little sister. They love these doll and stories soooo much. I think they are a great way to teach the girls history and compassion. Thanks for doing such a great job!

  12. I would love to win this doll for my 4 year old granddaughter. She is wanting her first American girl doll so she can play with her cousins and their dolls. I read her her mom’s old American Girl books and she loves them.

  13. I would love this doll for my daughter, as I am starting to collect them for her. Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. Love this new doll. We have a few little fans over here! With.three girls i know the doll would find many generations of play and love! Keeping our fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Pretty sure Ellery, my niece, would LOVE to have this doll. She’s pretty jealous of her friends who have them and I’d love to win it for her birthday coming up!

  16. I would love to win the Kanani doll for my daughter, Lillian. We love to check the AG books out at our local library and having a beautiful doll to cuddle with while reading would be great.

  17. My daughter would love this!!! She wanted an American Girl doll badly for Christmas but I just couldn’t spend the money on one. Her Virthday is coming up and this would be perfect!!

  18. My daughter has been wanting an American Girl doll, and she has been slowly saving and getting gift cards. She learned about Hawaii in kindergarten and wants to see Hawaii.

  19. My daughter Aliyah would love to own this doll. We have always looked at the dolls online and have read many of the books but unfortunately we have never been able to afford to buy her one. The American dolls are truly dolls for every little girl.

  20. My nine-year-old daughter just received her first American Girl Doll. I would love to be able to give this to her to help her collection start to grow!

  21. I love AG. I have 2 dolls from when I was a young girl. I would love to start sharing more modern AG stuff with my daughter:).

  22. I would love to win Kanani for my 11 year old daughter! She loves her American girl dolls! She has saved her money to buy the twins! She would love to have a new doll for her collection! It may be a small collection but she cherishes them so much! Thank you for this opportunity!

  23. My daughter would love to win this doll. Her friends have this doll and she would love have one. She has been asking for one but we just could not afford one for Christmas for her. It broke my heart! Thank you!

  24. Would love to have this doll for our girls. They adore looking through the American Girl magazine, but since they are so expensive, we have not purchased any. This would be such a special treat!

    I’m also a subscriber to your newsletter. 🙂

  25. I’d love to win this for my 2 girls. They just saw her in the lastest American Doll magazine and thought she was so beautiful. They both already have a AG Doll so they know i wouldn’t buy them another one. So my daughter was checking out the accessories she could afford instead.

  26. I’d love to win her for my five year old daughter. She loves dolls and she would be so happy to have her very first American girl doll!

  27. We are “just” getting in to the American Girl dolls here in our household and with 2 girls, I’m sure these will be a big part of my future! I would like to win this because my daughter’s brithday is in March and I would love to be able to surprise her with this! Wonderful giveaway!

  28. My husband and I also honeymooned in Hawaii – It’s so gorgeous there! I’d like to win Kanani (love the hair!) for my daughter.

  29. oh my gosh . . . my girls would LOVE her. I have three girls and each would love an american girl doll. they thumb through the AG magazine and Kanani is now there new favorite (mine too). They would be in heaven taking care of that beautiful long hair.

    I am already receiving the newsletter. thanks.

  30. I would love to win Kanani for my 6 year old niece. She is at the age where she would appreciate and take care of an American Girl doll.

  31. I’d love to win Kanani because my daughter has an historical doll, Nellie, and twin doll, but she has yet to get a doll of the year. And if there’s one to get, this one is it!

  32. I would love to win this American Girl doll for my daughter. She loves these dolls, but so far only has a Bitty Baby. She would absolutely love to have a “Big Girl” doll (as she calls them). LKVOYER at aol dot com

  33. My daughter is a HUGE American Girl fan and for her past two b-days we have headed into NYC to visit the store and use some gift cards. This past Christmas she got the just like you doll and they have been inseparable. When she got the latest catalog she was saying how beautiful Kanani was and that she hopes to bring her home one day. This would be an awesome surprise! You always have such awesome giveaways. I’m crossing my fingers.

  34. My daughter would love this doll! We don’t have any American Girl dolls yet, and we’re going to Hawaii this summer – so this is the perfect doll!

  35. I have a 7 year old daughter who would LOVE having an American Girl doll. They are just a little too expensive for me right now. I know she would love Kanani. Looks all tropical and she loves being on the beach.

  36. My daughter and I saw this doll in the new catalog last week! We stayed at the Polynesian with my parents in Disney last spring and she has been fascinated by Hawaii since. Thanks for such a great contest!

  37. Oh, my daughter would love her. She is a huge American Girl fan, we just finally got her her first doll (Rebecca) for her birthday a few months ago and she has played with it every day! Since Rebecca was such a hit, I would love to help my daughter build her collection. This would be a very special gift for her.

  38. I am sooooo homesick for my country after being in the uk for so long…The doll would make me smile everytime I looked at her!

  39. I would love to win Kanani because my niece as in awe at the American Girl store, but they are a little pricey to afford to give her as a birthday gift. I know she would really treasure an American Girl Doll of her own! I’ve been searching for a good deal on ebay, but a new doll would be wonderful.

  40. I would love to win this because my sister in law is currently living in Hawaii and I think that the nieces would love having a doll from where their aunt Kristina lives. She just came to visit for Christmas for the first time since she moved there (almost 2 years) and they were very sad she was leaving again. I guess I would love to win this to help remind them of their aunt.

  41. I would love to win this for my daughter, who loves anything American Girl doll! And she always talks about wanting to vacation in Hawaii, so this would be the perfect girl for her!

  42. I would love to win Kanani for my eight year old daughter Anna. She’d absolutely love her! Anna’s been wanting an American Girl Doll for awhile now and would be so thrilled.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful givaway!

  43. I’d love to win this for my granddaughter because she doesn’t currently own any American Girl dolls but it’s all she talks about and this one looks fabulous.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  44. I got the Samantha doll for my daughter on her 9th Birthday: that was in 1996. I thought that the doll looked like my daughter…especially the long brown wavy hair. That doll was a part of her bedroom decor until she went off to college and we packed her away in the cedar chest. I would love to win this American Girl Kanani doll so that I can pass it on to my daughter so that she can give it to her daughter someday. Perhaps we can start a new tradition.

  45. My 9 year old loves all things American Girl, she reads the books, she just completed a craft and I would love to win this for her, thanks!

  46. I’d love to win this doll for my good friend’s daughter. She is 12 y/o and in the fight of her life against Batten Disease. She loves american girl dolls–in fact 2 years ago we were able to go to tea together at american girl. The store was wonderful and it will always be a precious memory for me. They let her touch and feel all the dolls up on display (she is blind) and were incredibly patient with her–what a wonderful company. You can learn about her at

  47. I would like to receive this doll for my 6 yo daughter. We just received a bunch of “hand me down” books and there were 3 American girl stories included. We love the books and the dolls are beautiful. I can’t afford one for my daughter, but she would love to receive this special gift.

  48. We are from the island (Haiti) and moved to PA. What a change!!! Winning this american girl doll will bring us back memories from our island.

  49. My family and I visited Maui 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love witht he culture. This doll would become part of our memories of the beautiful island if we won!

  50. My daughter has wanted an American Girl for awhile. Just haven’t been able to take the plunge for that amount of money so maybe I’ll win it for her!!

  51. I would love to win Kanani because my daughter would enjoy having an American Girl doll. They are such nice dolls, but a little more expensive than what I would spend on a doll so she doesn’t have one yet. Hope to change that!

  52. My 8yo daugther got Kit for Christmas. Her little sister loves playing her. She will be turning 5 in March and has informed that she wants Kanani for her birthday. This would be the perfect gift for her.

  53. I would love to win this for my daughter. There’s no way we could afford to spend this much money on one doll so we can’t get her one. Thank you!

  54. Hi, my daughter would LOVVVVVVVVVE Kanani. Kanani is her Favorite American Girl doll. My daughter is making a collection and Kanani would be a wonderful addition. Kanani is my daughters perfect doll. That is why i would like Kanani. Thank You -Chris

  55. My 8 yr old dd has read all the American Girl books. She doesn’t have any of the dolls however. This would be a treat for her.

    roblyn66 at yahoo dot com

  56. I’d love to win this for my daughter. All her friends has one, except for her. We can not afford such a luxury at this time, but thankfully our daughter has been content at reading the books and renting the dvds from our local library. She would be so enthusiastic and grateful if she won.

  57. I would LOVE to win Kanani for my 7 year old daughter because she LOVES the American Girl Dolls. She doesn’t have any of the dolls but has wanted one for a long time. Thank you for the chance!!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  58. I used to buy AG dolls for my daughter, I can’t afford them anymore and P really wants Kanani for her collection. She hasn’t had a new doll since 2007.

  59. I would like to win because my youngest daughter has really wanted an American Girl doll. She has been doing really well in school recently so to win this doll would be a nice treat for her.

  60. I would love to win her because my daughter would love her! She has been talking about wanting an American Girl doll since her cousin got one for Christmas, she would be super excited!
    Thanks for the chance!

  61. I would like to win this for my daughter. She LOVES the beach and ocean. I can hardly wait to take her to Hawaii some day..

  62. My daughter is already in love with Kanani…she is a true American Girl devotee, she cares for her dolls with such gentleness and appreciation, it makes me so happy to watch her play with them!

  63. hi! I am 11 and I collect AG dolls.

    I got a sewing machine for Christmas and am learning how to make clothes for the dolls.

    It would be awesome to learn how to make Hawaiian clothes for Kanani!

    Thank you !!!

  64. I subscribed to the newsletter.. My daughter would love this doll. Since the new magazine arrived about 5 days ago, my daughter looks at it every day and makes comments about Kanani’s hair, clothes etc. She is a beautiful doll.My daughter went online to to learn some of the Hawaiian language too. She would be so excited to have her!

  65. i have been wanting 2 order american girl dolls for my 2 girls for awhile now but its so expensive when u have 2!!! everything i buy is in 2’s,so it doubles the expense. if i won the beautiful kanani(we r big hawaii fans also) i would only have 2 buy one,which means i could afford it a lot sooner. my youngest actually really wants this doll!!!!!<3

  66. I am the mom of four girls who adore American girl, but just don’t have the money to buy them all new dolls… would be amazing for my middle daughter’s birthday 2/7

  67. My daughter adores American Girl and reads all the books. She also loves the outdoors and would appreciate the NWF association.

  68. The love my daughter has for her look-a-like American Girl doll will be with her forever. She is her confidant, her friend. My daughter was telling me just the other day how sad it made her to leave her doll, Elizabeth, home by herself when she went to school. Maybe it’s time Elizabeth had a friend like Kanani.

  69. I would love to win Kanani for my daughters. We have so many friends that have recently moved to hawaii that it would be the perfect reminder of her best friends that now live there. She loves the american girls and it would be such a great surprise to win this.

  70. we have been dreaming of going to hawaii for sometime and now much to our surprise, here is the hawaii girl to make us dream bigger! We are just waiting for our baby girl to be big enough for the trip….hopefully with Kanani in tow! She is by far the most beautiful doll they make!

  71. I would love to win Kanani – for my daughter AND myself! LOL! Her hair is just beautiful! Plus having a Hawaiian girl at our house while hving blowing snow outside reminds us there will be warm weather coming…………. eventually!

  72. My daughter, Hyacinth, was fortunate enough to celebrate her 7th birthday in Hawaii… and ever since, it holds a very special place in her heart. She’s been OBSESSING about this doll from the moment the first photo leaked. Kanani is perfect for Hyacinth, they both embody true Aloha Spirit!

  73. My daughter begs me multipile times EVERY DAY for Kanani!! She carries around the American Girl magazine day after day and shows everyone she sees this doll. She has asked everyone she can think of to buy her for her. Everyone has the same response, “Maybe for your birthday!” But her birthday is in September, and I dont know if she can wait! haha

  74. I have 2 daughters that are both wanting Kanani! She is such a gorgeous doll, and I’d love to be able to give it to my girls.

  75. LOVE the Kanani doll!!! She is adorable….my mom got re-married in Hawaii a few years ago, and everything from the doll’s dress to her beads brings back fun memories of an amazing vacation! I would love to give her to my daughter!

  76. Oh, I would love to win Kanani doll. My daughter Isabel is currently reading her books from the library. She wants to save up her money to buy her. Her great grandmother lived in Hawaii for many years so she is fascinated by the state.

  77. what if you dont have twitter i would like to win the kanani doll because my mom and me really want to go to hawaii and we cant get over how beautiful this doll we usually like to talk about the american girl dolls and we play with them together and it makes us a lot closer when usually in the years12-15 your relationship falls apart im 12 these simple dolls bring and keep us together please even though i dont have twitter i could do it on facebook and i just subscribed

  78. My sister is getting married in Hawaii in April and has a little girl. This would be so special to give her to remeber their special day.
    I have 2 little girls and we have 2 dolls and a Bitty twins set. We so love AG and their vision with youth and young girls. I would be thrilled to win and give my neice her first AG doll.

  79. The American Girl collection is very impressive. Moreover, I would love to have the Kanani doll so that I can give it to my daughter to carry on from when I gave Samantha to her so many years ago.

  80. My daughter loves the American Girl books. It is her favorite series. She and her sister just got their first dolls this Christmas. We recently got the Kanani book for her as well. She constantly talks about going to Hawaii. Added bonus, her birthday is just around the corner. Thanks.

  81. My youngest daughter is very much into wildlife and Kanani has such an inspirational story that I know she would just love her.

  82. My daughter just received her first AG doll for Christmas and is in love with them. She would love to add another doll to her “family.”

  83. Hi, I want to win this doll for my daughter. She really loves American girl for not only the dolls but really for the books. Each one teaches girls a special lesson.

  84. My daughter is saving up her money to buy Kanani so it would be amazing to win her for her. Then she could use her savings to buy the accessories. I love the Kanani story and I am so glad that once again AG has teamed up to help a worthy cause with the sales of their dolls.

  85. I would love to win kanani mostly because I think she is beautiful and I have never won anything. I know she’d be a big hit in my house–my parents also went on their honeymoon to hawaii. 🙂

  86. I would love to win Kanani for my daughter, we just received the catalog w/ her(Kanani) on the cover last week and my daughter went CRAZY over her. My daughter’s favorite color is blue, so when she saw the beautiful long hair and the blue dress that’s all it took. She loves animals too, so I’m guessing she would LOVE to read Kanani’s books together. I think it’s really great that they are bringing the plight of the Monk Seals to the public eye, WTG American Girl!

  87. Would love to win a Kanani doll! My girls are 6 and are kama’aina. We would love to use the doll to introduce more aspects of their heritage to them.


  88. I want to win Kanani because her hair is fantastic! We have cousins who live in Hawaii, and I’d love to use Kanani to bring more about their culture and lifestyle to our home.

  89. I want to win Kanani because I was married in Hawaii. It is my favorite place on the planet, and I want to share that love with my kids through this beautiful doll and her stories! Thank you for the opportunity to enter and win!

  90. My daughter and I would love to win Kanani since she’s such a beautiful doll!! We went to Hawaii 2 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversay and she’s (Kanani) such a great reminder of a wonderful place–Hawaii and of the wonderful time our family had there!

  91. I would love to win Kanani to give to my daughter. She will be her first 18″ American Girl doll. We went to the Dallas store over the New Year, and my daughter was captivated by Kanani and her collection.

  92. Hoping to make 2011 the best year ever…my little girl would love to win Kanani. It would be her first American girl today doll. She looks just like my daughter with hazel eyes and light brown long curly hair. Kanani is the perfect doll for my her. Thanks.

  93. I want to win Kanani to give to my sister for her birthday. She looks just like Kanani and loves Hawaii! She is the best sister in the world and she really deserves her!

  94. I would love to win this doll for my daughter… her birthday is this month.. Jan 22nd! She loves American girl dolls.. I think I do too as much as she does! I am subscribing to your newsletter too!

  95. I would LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE to win Kanani because she is my favorite american girl doll and i would love to give it to my loved one, i would LOVVVVVE to win Kanani because she is a beautiful doll with the beautiful Hawaii as her homeland and her long beautiful hair, i would LOVVVVVVVVE to win Kanani because she would be great in my home, i would LOVVVVVVE to win Kanani she looks a ton like me and she is just over all wonderful, i would LOVVVVVVVVVVE to win Kanani because she will be my loved ones PERFECT doll. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  96. I’d like to win Kanani because I’ve always loved the Jess mold, which Kanani also has, and better still, she’s medium skinned, which means she’ll look like me. Her hair is really amazing looking and so are her green eyes. She’s just an awesome doll with an equally awesome story.

  97. I would love to win a Kanani because I am a history teacher and would love to be able to use her as a way to facilitate discussions and instruct students on Hawaiian culture. She is a beautiful doll and would add a lot of diversity!

  98. I want to won it for my neice
    she’d be sooooooo happy if she got one
    thanks for the chance & happy new year 🙂

  99. I would love to win Kanani and give her to my great niece. She loves the American Girl dolls but her parents can’t afford to give her one. Her birthday is in February and this would be the perfect birthday surprise for her. She could read about Hawaii and get a glimps of where her cousin is stationed for the next two years while in the Navy.

  100. My 9 year old daughter *really* wanted her first American Doll for Christmas, and while that didn’t happen, she is still holding out hope that it might happen this year. When I found out that in one of her story books, Kanani rescues an endangered seal, I thought that this doll would be especially meaningful to my daughter who loves animals and is always rescuing them!

  101. I would love a Kanani doll..I have always wanted to go to hawaii but with my health that will not be possible..this would be a great way dream through the doll and book.

  102. Thanks for the chance to win Kanani! We visited Maui back in Feb 2005 – Lilly *my 7 year old daugther* wasn’t’ quite 2 at the time *but did come with us*, she loves looking at photos of our trip and hearing the rest of the families memories of our visit to beautiful HI.

  103. My little girl wants this doll sooooo badly! It would be great if she didn’t have to wait till Christmas time…since she is Dec. kiddo, no birthdays till then!

  104. Hi- I would love to win Kanani because she is so beautiful and her story is special. From the little I’ve read, she tries so hard to think about other people and creatures. I think she will be an inspiration to all readers of her stories. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  105. After 3 boys we now have a baby girl who I am so excited to buy dolls for…we would love to give her this one. It is so cute!

  106. I would love to win Kanani because she’s absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed her stories and love that American Girl is giving attention to endangered animals!

  107. I’d love to win Kanani because I think she’s a rather lovely doll with long wavy brown hair and an excellent addition to the GOTY line.

  108. My grandaughter has been enthralled with Hawaii since she was a tiny tot.She is now seven and all she talks about is going to Hawaii. When the new American Girl Doll came out she was so excited because Kanani is so beautiful and best of all lives in Hawaii. She takes wonderful care of her present doll Lani and even has tea parties with her little brother wnd her doll. She would be so happy to win Kanani.

  109. I want to win Kanani because I am also of Native American heritage. There are very few well-made dolls of indigenous decent out there and Kanani would be perfect. In her books, she says she is half Japanese/native Hawaiian and half white- I’m also half white and half native! Kanani would be perfect.

  110. Love the hair!! I always wanted an American Girl doll when I was little and never got one. This one is absolutely beautiful and I love that she is native Hawaiian!

  111. My 9 year old daughter is in love with Kanani and her collection! She loves everything about her from her shave ice stand, to her long beautiful hair, to her hula outfit. She is really getting into all the American Girl books right now. We’d love to someday go to Hawaii and experience her culture in person – here’s to wishing for Kanani and a fun vacation someday!!

  112. My daughter and I share a love for American girl dolls.It is a fun hobby we both enjoy.We have shared fun times and special moments together.She LOVES reading all the stories.I would love to win this for her.She absolutely loves Kanani.And since her cousin is Hawaiian it would be that much special to her.She has worked really hard at school and this would be a great reward for all the hard work she has done.

  113. My only daughter (after 3 boys) is turning 8 this month. We made a special trip to the AG store in Denver last weekend and she got to see her up close. We both thought that Kanani was beautiful and loved her hair but my daughter knew that she could either get a doll or accessories for her birthday- not both. She decided on accessories since she had got Elizabeth for Christmas. I know that Kanani would be a much loved addition to her little family of sisters.

  114. I would love to win Kanani because she is so beautiful! Her hair is fabulous and I would love to add her to my doll family 🙂

  115. I would LOVE to enter to win Kanani! I would like to win Kanani, because she looks so beautiful and unique! Also, I’ve loved American Girl ever since I was nine years old-and I still love it! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!


  116. I would love to win Kanani for my mom, who bought my girls dolls for Christmas this year. She loves Hawaii and I think that she needs something to play with my girls with 🙂

  117. Both me and my Four year old love Kanani. She is so pretty and her dress is beautiful and she comes from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Really would love to win this one for my DD.

  118. I would love to win this doll for my 8 year old who has been asking for her since she first heard about her books. Thanks for offering the contest!

  119. I would love to have a Kanani to give to my niece since I have had a rough time this past year and I have never been able to give her a really nice gift like an American Girl doll. Thanks!

  120. I would like to win Kanani for my daughter. 2010 was a tough year starting with her father and I getting a divorce and ending with my near death due to pneumonia (I was in a coma for a week.) and her father’s very near death due to an unexpected torn aorta, blown vaulve, and anerism of the heart. She sacrificed her whole winter break to sit in the hospital with her dad and then help care for him when he returned home. Thankfully, he is recovering, but this still adds a lot of stress on my daughter as well as even more responsibility. She adores Kanani, but sadly due to medical bills I can’t afford to buy her anything AG. Iwould love to be able to surprise her with something she really loves and deserves.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  121. I would like to win Kanani for a number of reasons: 1. I don’t have a lot of friends at school and when I’m around my American Girl doll I feel like she is my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and even though there not real, I feel like she is listening to me and understands me. Plus they’ll never leave you, like a friend might. They’re always there for you! 2. I can relate to Kanani’s story. We both have a cousin who we don’t know how to please or get along with real well. Kanani and Rachel don’t have much in common, just like me and my cousin Eric. Eric brags about how much stuff he has and what he does, and I dont brag because I know its wrong, and I dont have many things like he has. But finally we can talk about something that pleases us both like playing games. And finally 3. Kanani’s stories are the best! Plus she is a very beautiful doll. Her wavy hair and eyes are adorable! That’s why I would like to win Kanani! I would do anything to get her someday.


  122. My little girl would love to have this doll. She already has a Bitty Baby and is now old enough for the bigger dolls. She would be thrilled to receive this through this giveaway. She just saw the new AG catalog that came in the mail last week and was ewwing and awwing at all the picture’s. She is a good little girl that I’m blessed to have.

  123. I have a very sweet grand-daughter, Collette, who would give Kanani alot of love. Age 7. (Enough said..what seven year old wouldn’t love this doll!)

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

  124. My girls would love to win Kanani. They live for AG and play with their dolls everyday. I would really like to have the Kanani books as my oldest is just starting to read the AG stories and is really enjoying them. I can’t say enough about the quality of the AG product and the morals and confidence it provides to young girls. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful doll.

  125. My DD and I love AG dolls and were excited to see Kanani. She would enjoy welcoming Kanani to our home because a friend from Hawaii would be exciting and she could learn so much about our island state; besides she is beautiful especially with her gorgeous hair.

  126. I would love to win this new American Girl doll for my daughter. In the pictures the doll looks beautiful and we would love to see her in “real life”, I think she would be very happy with a new family at our house! (I am also a subscriber of your newsletter)

    Thank You!

  127. We would love to have Kanani join our home. We love what American Girl brings into our daughter’s life. Quality literature and timeless toys that inspire imaginantion and creativty.

  128. I would like to win a Kanani for my daughter. I was already planning on getting her the dress for her birthday and itd be awesome to give her the doll to match. Her 7th birthday is February 4th 🙂

  129. I would love to win her because i have lanie and i love reading about the outdoors.I went to the ag place on the first to see her,but my mom had to by my sister Kanani because she dosent have any dolls.So i wasnt mad at all.I got her book at target and already started reading it.So if i win her it would be a gift from you to me. My birthday already past dec 14.I would love to win her for a b-day present.

  130. I would like to win Kanani for my daughter because she has been repeating over and over about how much she “loves Kanani and wants her really really really bad”.

    Thank you,

  131. My daughter is sooo excited to win her,but i could not aford any more dolls after the holidys.I want to surprise her for a christmas present because I didn’t get her any thing only my mom and my niece and nefew. she would love a kanani doll because no one can aford one intill april and she dosen’t want to wait that long.So when u are oicking a winner choose the one u think is right.

  132. My daughter is currently saving up for her, so it would be wonderful to win her and then she could use the saved money for accessories. My daughter is a reluctant reader, so she has been reading the American Girl books to earn a doll, and saving grade card money. She is currently reading the second of Kanani’s stories. (Which is going to be sad when she gets to the part of the story where Kanani’s rooster is missing, my daughter’s puppy came up missing just before Christmas.) Anyway, she would have a happy home here. Thank you for the opportunity!

  133. My daughter has been on the AG site for the past several days, making the postcards to try and win a Kanani doll! I thought I’d up her chances a bit by entering here, as well! My name in Hawaiian and my middle name is just one letter different from the doll, so we’re pretty partial to the Hawaiian theme in our house!

  134. I would love to win the “Kanani” American Girl doll for my granddaughter Alyssa. She plays with her dolls constantly changing their clothes and giving them new hairdos. I will be taking her to New York in March for her 8th birthday. We would love Kanani to join us. Alyssa will give her a great home and alot of love.

  135. Why i would love to win Kanani is because:
    1. I think she is amazing! I love her long hair.
    2. She would be great with my other dolls. Her and Lanie would have a ball!
    3. She is already o my wish list and I can’t wait to get her!

  136. Kanani is beautiful, and Hawaii is a magical fun place, which are both high on my list. But I really like her story, which includes diversity, encouragement, passion, and adventure! My three girls would LOVE to have her, and she could be a good lesson in sharing for them.

  137. I would love to win the Kanani doll for my little girl Annika, who is turning 7 on the 29th of January. She just loves the AG dolls and has a few of their stories that we’ve gotten at yardsales! A few of the girls in our church have dolls and have invited my daughter to a party at the American Girl cafe this March. She would love to have a doll of her own to bring with her! We were amazed when this doll came out at how much she resembles her with the long hair! It would be the perfect birthday present and just in time! Thank you for considering her!

  138. I would like to get Kanani because my daughter has been begging for one for a while now but I just can’t afford it. I feel so bad that i can’t get her one but seeing this doll here! I have to enter! Her birthday is in a few weeks and I would love to give this to her for a surprise!

  139. My daughter (and I!) love the American Girl dolls, and I love that they encourage not only her dolly play (she’s 8) but also learning about their history or stories! They are expensive, so winning this would be wonderful, since I’m not able to shell out the $100 for a beautiful Kanani. Thanks for offering this contest on your blog!

  140. My daughter is turning 3 and although she is quite young she has been admiring her cousins american girl dolls so eagerly that I know she would love one of her own. I always loved Samantha as a kid and dreamed of going out with my Samantha doll with matching sailor outfits. I know they retired Samantha but I would love to buy my daughter an American Girl Doll someday and read the stories together

  141. I would love to win this doll for my daughter. She is 5 and has wanted one for 2 years now. I wish I could afford one, but I can’t. Kanani is very inspirational, in that she’s a very cheerful girl who likes to help others by sharing the aloha spirit of Hawaii! My daughter is also very cheerful and generous, helpful and caring. They share a lot of similarities. We also love how her hair is so long, my daughter has never cut her hair and has always wanted to grow it long. I’d be so grateful and appreciative if I won Kanani for my daughter.

  142. I would love to win this doll to share with a friend at work who cannot afford an American Girl doll for her daughter. I have given a doll to another co-worker but don’t have any more to give away, and I know her little girl would love Kanani.

  143. I’d love to give this doll to my niece because she would fit into her group of “girls” well. She shares a lot of my niece’s heritage and has a lot of her features as well. Not quite a mini me, but close. My niece can only dream of having that hair.

  144. Two of my three daughters received their very first American Girl doll this past Christmas. It would be so awesome to win Kanai to give to my third daughter. She is an absolutely beautiful doll. I know all three of my daughters would have so much fun playing with their American Girl dolls together. I still can’t believe the quality of these dolls. It is amazing!

  145. My daughter wants Kanani so bad. She has such beautiful long hair. We would love to make her a part of our family, and Lanie needs a friend!

  146. I have been in love with American Girl for years. I was planning on getting her this year, but due the fact I do not have a job, I am just unable to afford her. I would love to be able to pass her on to my children in years to come.

  147. My daughter and I love american girl so much. We love reading the books together also, just as you do with your daughter. We would love to win the Kanani doll, she is just so gorgeous. 🙂

  148. My daughter is just starting to get into American Girl! We don’t have any of the dolls yet, but she is dying to get one! Kanani is beautiful and she would just love her!

  149. My little girl would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to win Kanani she is obsessed with Kanani, she has a picture of Kanani and looks at it every night, she LOVES Kanani and cannot take her eyes off Kanani, Kanani is the most beautiful thing ever to her, she says she would be so happy if she got Kanani she would fall down, Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. I fell in love with Kanani from the first moment I saw her! I love her mermaid hair and its color and waves, unique ethnic features, and the flower in her hair. Can’t wait to find out what her story is! I love how American Girl bases their dolls off of books, and how each doll comes with her own personal story and background.

  151. I subscribed!
    I want to win the Kanani doll and book, because I love Kanani, I want to learn about her, make up the rest of the story about her, and I really, REALLY LOVE her hair!
    Thanks! 😀
    P.S. I’m SO excited about joining your email subscription! 😀

  152. My oldest daughter never was into American dolls, but my baby, who is now 6 has wanted one for a while.. I would love to win her very 1st one!!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    PS Also signed up for the news letter!!

  153. My girls are 7 and 9… they’ve been asking for AG dolls for a few years now, and FINALLY they each got one for Christmas (Julie and Lanie, the doll for 2010). Now all they talk about is wanting more AG dolls… I would love to win this for them!

  154. I would love to win this Kanani doll for my daughter, apparently 14 is too old to win one from American Girl but she still loves to play with her dolls. She got Lainie for Christmas since that is her nickname and loves Kanani. I love that my teen still plays wiht her childhood toys. My son is mad because they don’t make boy dolls and he has to play with a girl doll. I told him to write to American Girl and ask why they don’t.

  155. My 7.5 year old loves her American Girl doll, a Just Like Me. She is an only child and one day she told me she loves her doll because she did not feel alone when she had her doll. “It is like having a friend always with me” she said. She has already planned to hand down her doll to her own daughter someday. I would love to be able to give her a new friend, Kanani. We also live at the beach and love the Hawaiian theme. I am anxious to read Kanani’s story. Thank you for this contest!

  156. I have to say, I love American Girl Dolls myself. Kanani’s long hair is gorgeous, and the styling would be amazing. I would also love to have a new doll to make beautiful outfits for.

    I also signed up for your newsletter

  157. I would love to win the Kanani doll for my 8-yr.-old granddaughter, Katherine. She loves American Girl dolls, and loves to read their stories. Her parents and I love that the stories always have a “message”.

  158. I’m a big sister, who is spoiled by her talented little sister, and I’d like to win to repay my little sister a little bit.
    My sister is a wonderful knitter and crocheter and she always makes things for me, just because she can! And she’s really spoiled me in this manner. My sister loves Kanani and would really love to have her, she’s just starting out as an AG addict and I’d like to help her anyway I can.
    I’d like to win the Kanani doll for my baby sister because it’s one of the few ways I can think of to thank her for everything she’s done for me.

    I subscribed just before I posted this.

  159. My girls would like to have Kanani because they just learned all about her at the last American Girl meeting at Barnes & Noble. During the meeting, they learned about the Hawaiian language, made coupons for neighbors and learned all about Kanani. They love swimming and dolphins and the flowers in her hair.

  160. i’d love to win kanani. i’d give her to my mom as she spent part of her childhood living in hawaii. i think it would make a great conversation starter once the first grandkid(s) show up.

  161. I’d like to win Kanani for my niece. She lost her daddy in a car accident last year at this time and I know this would be a great friend for her.

    donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

  162. i want to win this doll for my daughter.
    her cousins both got american girl dolls for the holidays and she wants one so bad. but they cost too much money. so it will take some time before i can get her one. It would be awesome to win it.

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  163. I’d love to win this doll for my daughter. We’ve read all of the Kirsten books together and she’s just starting the Rebecca books. We can’t afford a new doll and would love to win one.

  164. My almost 8 year old daughter is so in love with this doll and we would be thrilled to win her. We are taking our Brownie Troop to a Lanie Try It day tomorrow and adopting an animal through WWF. Tweeted as well @hilandveil

  165. We love the American girl dolls. My daughter who is 9 loves to read the books with me. She just got her first America Girl Doll, she picked Felicity. She loves Kanani. What a great give away…

  166. I would love to win Kanani for my daughter. She has one look like me doll but she would love to have another one so that her doll could have a friend. I’m sure just as every other girl in america feels, my daughter thinks Kanani is “the most beautiful doll they’ve ever come out with”.

  167. I want to win Kanani because I love American Girl dolls and lived in Hawaii when I was first married. It is such a special place for me. I met my husband there, very romantic. I had long brown hair like Kanani’s and, of course, was very tan. I loved the ocean and still do. I had my first child in Hawaii and we played on the beach in Waikiki. For a year we lived over in Waimanalo too. The people are so wonderful there and Kanani would be a great reminder of my cherished memories. I would use Kanani as a model in my doll clothes fund raiser for my church to help children go to camp next summer.

  168. I’ve made so many clothes for my granddaughter’s American Girl doll using a non-AG doll, and would really love one for myself to use as a model. Eventually, the doll would go to my granddaughter who loves Kanani as I do. We read the catalog together when it came out featuring Kanani. Her hair is so fabulous and her smile is precious! She would be like having a fantasy vacation in Hawaii! It warms my heart to hear how you and your daughter read Kanani’s book together and she can’t get enough..

  169. Kanani reminds me of my father. He has been gone these many years, but she is Hawaiian and my father fought in World War II, serving two voluntary terms in the midst of combat overseas. The bombing of Pearl Harbor engaged us in that war, and Kanani, to me, represents all the best of our brave compatriots who fought and served so well, but most of all she is a beautiful reminder of my beloved Dad.

  170. I have 3 daughters who are just in love with Kanani (I admit that I am too!) The last year has not been easy for us, as my husband has been on chemo battling pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed almost 5 years ago when our oldest daughter was 6 and our youngest was just 10 months. We were dealt a huge blow yesterday when we found out that his cancer has spread to his brain. They have spent much of their life with a dad that has been sick, though we have not told them about the brain tumors. There are a lot of things we can’t afford to do because of his illness, and this new diagnosis is a scary one. I’d love to win a doll for my girls and I to play with together. I’m sure it would give us all some happiness on what are sure to be some tough moments in our future.

  171. I would love to in this beautiful doll for my daughter. She asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas but she didn’t receive one. She still talks about the dolls and her 8th birthday in is March…it’s be an awesome gift!

  172. I am eleven years old and love playing American girl dolls with my friends. I have Emily witch has medium hair. i can not style all that much because the length limits me. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS that i know 2 adults with breast cancer and if i get her i will sell a lot more of my stuff to go towards my fund which has raised a TOTAL of $52. I really want them be able to be survivors and every one knows that every dollar counts!!!!!!!!!!!


  173. I am big fan of American Girl doll and their products. I love the beautiful messages and self esteem the American Girl line supports. Not only does it teach my eight year old about “girl power”, it has taught her so many great lessons about history. Right now she is working through the Kit book series and learning about the Great Depression. My daughter and I love American Girl and would be delighted to win Kanani for two reasons. One, we would have a second doll to play dolls together and two, my daughter can learn about the beautiful culture and people of Hawaii. Thanks for the contest:)

  174. I would love to win Kanani because she is beautiful! We live on an island, too, and love everything about the ocean just like Kanani does.

  175. I took my princess to the American Girl store to see Kanani on January 1st and she fell head over heals for her. Unfortunately, the funds are not available to purchase this beautiful doll at the moment but I would love to have her for my princess. That would make BOTH of us SUPER HAPPY!
    We have never, ever won anything before.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful doll!

  176. I would like to win this for my goddaughter because she will 7 soon and she has been through alot that a 7 year shouldn’t have to go through. so if i win this for her, i think it will make her life sooo much better.

  177. She is truly beautiful. I would love to give this doll to my daughter Aulani for her birthday. She has been staring at the catalog for months now admiring the beautiful dolls and this would be her first. She just started reading the books and loves them too. Her birthday is in March and she is currently saving her money for one but I would love to surprise her with this one. Thank you!!!!

  178. I would LOVE to win this doll because its not available in Australia and it would give me so much joy to give it to my granddaughter. She has various health issues and to see the happiness would give me so much pleasure

  179. My 8 year old daughter fell in love with the doll as soon as she saw it in the American Girl Doll catalog. I think I’ve heard about it every day since the catalog arrived.

    Thank you for this giveaway! I signed up for twitter and tweeted just so I could enter.

  180. I love American Girl! I have 3 of their dolls; Felicity, Mia and a Just Like You Doll named Emily. I would like to win Kanani because I love her unique Hawaiian style and her eagerness to share the beauty of Hawaii with others and save the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals! Thanks for a great opportunity to win her!

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~

  181. Hello. My daughter was in love with this doll. When she first had a glance of her she asked me to get her. But my daughter didn’t want it for her self. She has a cousin named Olivia who is 7. She had recently fallen down the steps at her house. So now she is in the hospital. Olivia has always wanted an American Girl Doll, but unfortunately her mother can not afford to buy one. My daughter Ali wanted to win this doll so she could give it to her as a special gift. It would mean so much to Ali and Olivia. Thanks for reading this. We hope we get the doll. ~Janet~

  182. Kanani is an absolutely beautiful and inspirational doll and story. My daughter’s and I would be honored to have her. Hawaii is our favorite place we dream of going there some day but being able o live through her stories will suffice until th time comes. Friendship is from. The heart and that is exactly what I try ti instill in my children. Kanani would be greatl y loved in our house

  183. I would love to win this doll because we lived in Hawaii for many years, I had a blue dress similar to her meet dress actually. and I have a granddaughter who is part Polynesian who would adore Kanani. Thanks for letting me enter and good luck to everyone!

  184. I would love to win Kanani for my goddaughter, who loves the American Girl dolls. This would be an incredible addition to her collection. She has a lot of the books and owns two of the dolls.