American Girl Saige Copeland Doll of the Year 2013

We are thrilled to share up close photos and video of American Girl’s latest Doll of the Year 2013, Saige Copeland from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Saige likes to hang out at her grandma Mimi’s ranch where she loves to both paint in her studio or ride Picasso her horse.

American Girl Doll of the Year 2013 Saige will be available on sale starting January 1st, 2013 in stores and online. I can’t wait to see more details on accessories and pricing, but for now here is the scoop with lots of photos and video of this new doll and the background on her story.

You can click to read this post here for specifics photos  and details about Saige’s horse Picasso if you want more info on him too.

My daughter Kenzie and I have been adoring Saige for the past few days and we think you will love her as much as we do. Her freckles are charming and her dress is modern and hip while at the same time you see it is  inspired by the American Southwest.  Saige arrives with her long curly hair in a side braid and she is wearing tall boots and a cute dress. We instantly fell in love with the doll – but as always part of our infatuation is with the story behind the doll as Kenzie and I read the books together. Kenzie loves learning about each American Girl and we really enjoy discussing her story together. Every American Girl is so special with their own unique talents along with the special nuances that come with whatever time period or geographic location each girl is from.

The Saige doll arrives complete with her ears pierced with silver earrings. Aren’t they sweet? Talk about a WOW factor for my daughter!

Here’s a close up photo of the beautiful turquoise ring that fits Saige and comes included with the brand new doll. The ring was a real hit and is going to excite a ton of little girls. Isn’t it lovely?

Note: My mom advice is that I caution everyone to remember that like any piece of jewelry it can easily fall off so be sure to be careful if Saige is wearing her ring when you are taking your doll out and about on adventures beyond your own home. We noticed it slipping off at times when Kenzie was playing with Saige at home so we plan to have Saige only wear the ring in the house so we don’t lose this fun piece.

Here’s the inside scoop on Saige’s story and background below along with a video review of American Girl Saige to share with everyone all the features of this new doll.

Quick scoop on the features of American Girl Saige Copeland – Doll of the Year 2013.

  • – Freckles, bright blue eyes, and strawberry brown hair
  • – Her hair is in a side braid. (Instructions for caring for the dolls hair note that it is long curly hair. )
  • -She is wearing tall boots and a cute cotton blue dress with a Southwest inspired weave print around the waistline.
  • -Her ears are pierced and she comes complete with silver earrings
  • – She also comes with a turquoise blue ring

Her dad is also a big fan of hot air ballooning so we can look forward to some sweet accessories in the form of both this hot air balloon and Saige’s horse.

I also saw press materials about an easel accessory along with an assortment of super cute outfits – various boots, sandals, dresses, and cowgirl inspired fashions. Aren’t these new dolls of the year from American Girl so exciting?

With Saige as the American Girl Doll of the Year 2013 we can also expect to see lots of exciting initiatives from American Girl to support Saige’s message of preserving Arts programs in U.S.  schools.

Also, a new movie based on Saige will be released later in 2013 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Hooray!

Learn the details about American Girl Saige’s story:

American Girl of the year 2013, Saige Copeland will have 2 books about her – Saige and Saige Paints the Sky. These will be available in January 2013.

Where she lives:

Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hot air ballooning capital of the world.

Favorite Activities:

Hanging out at her Grandma Mimi’s ranch, painting in the studio or riding Picasso the horse.

What changes her life:

Entering the 4th grade with no art class. At her school music and art special alternate every year due to budget constraints.

What she discovers:

You can use your imagination to create artwork and inspire change

More photos of American Girl Saige……

Another view of Saige’s earrings – again these arrive already pierced with her wearing earrings. I presume more cool earrings will be for sale which will be a fun accessory to buy for Saige.

A peek at Saige from behind.

A close up of Saige’s tall boots

The Southwestern inspired woven pattern on Saige’s cotton blue dress

I love Saige’s freckles – aren’t they so cute?

Here is a photo of Painted Sky, the 2nd book in Saige’s series.

Disclosure: Thanks to American Girl for providing us with a sample doll to facilitate our featured review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. I love her boots! She is a terrific doll. I’m going to be picking out dolls for my two girls soon and can’t wait to shop the American Girl catalog. It’s something I’ve looked forward to since my own childhood!!

  2. Saige looks beautiful and what a fun personality she seems to have! My daughter just got her first American Girl Doll this year. I am sure Saige will be the one on her wishlist next!

  3. I like Saige alot I am a fan of american girl dolls. I have four ag dolls one is Meckenna,Molly,Caroline,KK a look alike doll. I whant Saige for my birthday May 22 2003. I hope you like Saige cause I do.

  4. My daughter flipped when we read this today. Saige is such a beautiful doll! My daughter said she already has something to add to her wish list for Christmas next year. Can you guss who? LOL Thanks for the wonderful review!

  5. $$$$$$$$ spend Ur $$$$ wisely!! I strongly feel this is a must this day&age!! I try 2 teach my god daughter the value of a $1! She wanted Saige! I was all 4 it! Then her gran laughs as she tells me 2 take a look!!! But THANK GOD 4 MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! Her grandma tells me bout the “real life”??? Doll SAME JUS A MUCH BETTER PRICE!!! Brushes ONLY $1-$2 rather than $8 I gave her a choice&my baby made a awesome choice as we left the toy store w/ 2 dolls&a bunch of accessories!! She will hand her dolls dwn without a thought!! I wasnt creating a monster !! My girls an ANGEL! The lil girl that couldn’t wait to donate her beautiful blonde hair 2 lox of love!! I LOVE THIS KID SHES TAUGHT ME PATIENCE!! & 2 THINK HER MOMMY IS IN THE SKY LOOKING DWN ON US AS I TYPE GOOD NIGHT FOLKS…2EA IS OWN BUT SHARE THE LOVE IN ANY WAY U CAN!! UR WHOLE WORLD WILL B IN 4 A TREAT!! WUT WEN WHERE IDK BUT KEEP UR HEART&EYES OPEN :-$

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