American Girl Saige’s Horse Picasso

Take a peek this photo of Picasso, the horse that belongs to Saige Copeland, American Girl Doll of the Year 2013.

Isn’t American Girl Saige’s horse cute? He is white and flecked all over with dark speckles. In the story, he is 27 years old and belongs to Saige’s grandma, Mimi. You can see photos, video and our in depth review of Saige Copeland, American Girl Doll of the Year 2013 here.

While reading Saige’s book, Kenzie and I learned that Picasso is a Spanish Barb. In the book, Saige explains that “Spanish Barbs are are an ancient strain of horse brought to American by the Spanish conquistadors, soldiers and exploreres from the 1500’s.”

We also learned that Spanish Barbs are rare – with fewer than a thousand left. However, Saige’s grandma Mimi is working to preserve this breed and she owns 5 Spanish Barb horses.

Kenzie and I are still reading Saige’s 1st book, but so far it looks like this is the horse that Saige will lead and ride in her fiesta parade to raise funds to help”save the arts” at school.

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