Anatomically Correct Boy & Girl Potty Training Dolls from Corolle

Wow! Honestly, in all my years of reviewing toys for kids this is the first time I’ve ever seen anatomically correct Boy and Girl dolls I’ve ever seen on the market for sale. Truly, these Corolle Potty Training dolls really show a realistic rendering of the private parts for both little girls and little boys along with being able to drink a bottle of water and then pee pee on the potty.

As for Corolle dolls, a premium doll brand designed in France, they never disappoint as theirĀ faces are sculpted in the likeness of real babies – and do not have that creepy look of some plastic dolls. Instead, Corolle dolls are life like, adorable, and even better all the dolls always have a fresh vanilla scent. I profess I find this smell intoxicating and it brings back memories of childhood and the touch and feel of my own children as babies.

Take a peek at our video review where we demo how the Dolls – both boy and girl take a little “tinkle” or “pee pee” on the potty.

Kenzie and Kyle were both VERY impressed with the anatomically correct boy and girl dolls. And of course there was a certain amount of giggling that went along with seeing a more realistic little boy and little girl private area on the dolls.

These Corolle Potty Training Dolls make a great gift for any potty training toddler or preschooler and are highly recommended by Potty Training experts too. Priced at about $45 these are another great option to assist in potty training efforts and are just plain fun dolls for kids to toy around given that bathroom business is fascinating for children!

As you saw in our demo, it’s super easy to help your doll go “tinkle” on the potty. Just feed your doll about 1/2 a bottle of water by squirting the bottle into the doll’s mouth while she or he is laying on their side. Then, turn the doll upright, pull down the panties and squeeze the dolls belly while they are sitting over the toilet.

The girl doll even has a pink potty and there is a blue potty for the little boy dolls.

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Corolle this holiday season. These samples were provided to us to facilitate our reviews. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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