Angelina Jolie to Play Maleficent in Disney’s Upcoming Film

Walt Disney studios just announced a March 14th, 2014 release date for the upcoming movie “Maleficent”. Excited to see this one but 2 years sure sounds like a long time away right now doesn’t it? Angelina Jolie will star as the ultra evil villain. I am so excited to see this rendition of the story unravel on the big screen and I know my kids will be DYING to see it too. Sleeping Beauty is one of their favorite storybooks and as a toddler little Kyle was OBSESSED with Maleficent, her bird, and the scene where Aurora pricks her finger. Seeing a new interpretation and adaptation of this classic will be awesome. 2014 can’t come quick enough now!

Our inside scoop from the studio tells us that this movie will explore the origins of the evil fairy Maleficent and what led her to curse Princess Aurora in Disney’s animated classic Sleeping Beauty.

Academy Award®-winning production designer Robert Stromberg (Avatar, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Oz The Great and Powerful) will direct with a script by Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Alice in Wonderland).Maleficent is produced by Joe Roth (Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Oz The Great and Powerful).

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  1. I just got a press release on this and I think Angelina Jolie will make an excellent villain, don’t you? Can’t wait to see the first posters/photos for the film!

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