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If you are like me, you probably constantly search the Internet for all your medical questions or unusual symptoms. Now, you can actually get trusted real medical information for FREE right from your mobile phone thanks to the Merck Manuals Consumer App.  Did you know that the Merck Manuals first were published in 1899 as a small reference book for physicians and pharmacists? The Merck Manuals have been a trusted source of medical information for over 100 years, and now the Merck Manual Consumer App provides 24/7 access to reliable medical info at no cost to consumers and professionals. Now you can download the FREE Merck Manual Consumer App to your mobile device to have all that info at your fingertips anytime and anyplace. Awesome!

For a busy Mom this is especially genius since you probably have all your own medical items plus those of your children or potentially those of aging parents that you are helping to manage, research, and understand.

FREE Merck Manual Consumer App

I love that you can search by SYMPTOM, MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, TOPICS, RESOURCES NEWS, VIDEOS,  and more. Plus you can save favorites, so if you find info you want to refer to again, it will be easy to quickly find it. FREE Merck Manual Consumer App

I also really like the resources section as it drills down into topics like blood test results, drug information, common medical tests and many other detailed topics so you can drill down to the nitty gritty if you have specific research or questions before or after a speciality doctor appointment when you are treating or investigating more complicated health issues than the ordinary ear infection for your kiddos.

My daughter Kenzie has an IGA deficiency immune disorder making her extra prone to develop serious infections quickly so I’m always worrying about her. That combined with her asthma that requires daily controlled medicine and more interventions when she’s sick with a respiratory infection leaves me often doing my own research online to double and triple check we are treating her correctly and make sure the doctor – or Mama – isn’t missing anything.



Where to download the Free Merck Manual Consumer App

Here’s some direct links so you can download this trusted FREE health information resource on whatever device you use – Apple iOS or Android. Download this app and you’ll have medical info at your fingertips for any health question or medical emergency you might bump into for you or your family.

Download here for Merck Manual Consumer Android

Download here for Merck Manual Consumer iOS


Why You Need to Download the Merck Manual Consumer App now: In our mobile world full of information all over the Internet that we aren’t sure we can always trust, the Merck Manual Consumer App guarantees you’ll have reliable health knowledge the moment you need it—from a trusted resource in our mobile world full of information all over the Internet that we aren’t sure we can always trust.

 Free Medical Info for 3 Billion plus people

Merck is also launching a professional version for medical practitioners and students to help them reach the “Merck Manuals’ Global Medical Knowledge 2020 mission”. Their mission is a worldwide effort to make the best current medical information accessible to nearly 3 billion consumers and health care professionals by 2020. Pretty awesome right????  Soon, versions of the app will be available in Spanish too!

For Apple devices, get the app in the iTunes app store. For Android devices, go to Google Play.

When your traveling the world – or even just waiting in the carpool line, you can’t beat having trusted medical information at your fingertips on your mobile phone.

FREE Merck Manual Consumer App

Note: This is a sponsored post from Merck Manuals. However, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own

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