Avoid the Holiday Shopping Hustle with Easy Store Pick Up Options

If the thought of hitting the crowded mall and going shopping in stores during the holidays fill you with dread, you’ll love the EASY store pick up option from Walmart. We were asked to test out Walmart’s store pick up option and I loved the simplicity of shopping for a gift online and later that day simply picking it up in store later that same day where my purchase was ready and waiting for me.

How To Do Easy Store Pick Up at Walmart

It’s so simple to order online and then either pick up your items either LATER that same day or the another time. I recommend ordering the night before so you know the next day whatever you want will be ready for you at whatever time is convenient for you to shop.

You can do this option by ordering online and doing SAME DAY PICK UP in store if your local store has what you want to purchsae. Or you can ship SITE TO STORE as well and obviously wait for the item to be shipped to your store before picking it up.

Walmart sends you both an EMAIL and a TEXT alerting you as to when you product is ready for pick up.

WHERE to Pick up your ITEMS at Walmart

See this big ORANGE wall? This is located in the BACK of the store and that’s where store pick up is located. Not to be confused with the blue photo below that is only for CUSTOMER SERVICE issues and returns and so on.


For hard to find items in store, I find that the in store pickup is a really saving grace. My son often wants hard to find specific lego sets. Ordering online is easy as I can type in exactly what he wants. This way I don’t have to pour over the shelves looking for specific toys. Love it!

I ordered this at about 9 in the morning and by 2 pm I was able to pick them up in store. Nice!
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